Dark Universe Dead but Invisible Man Still a Go and More Nerd News

Fans who were hoping for a Dark Universe centered around the iconic Universal Monsters of old are out of luck, but if you’re just aching for new iconic monster films you might still be in luck.

The Invisible Man is still happening with director Leigh Whannell helming the project.  The current cast sees Elisabeth Moss in the roll of Cecilla Kass, and according to the Hashtag Show – rumors are surrounding who’s playing the titular villain.

The two names linked to the roll are Alexander Skarsgard and Armie Hammer, who both share a similar look and build.  They’re both inline to play play Adrian Griffin, “a billionaire sociopath who made his money by developing an invisibility suit for the Department of Defense.” 

The last Invisible Man film was the Kevin Bacon lead Hollow Man horror film.

Here’s hoping that if it does well we can get a rebooted Dark Universe going forward.

In Other News…

In Captain Marvel news, YouTube is changing their algorithm to weed out negative Captain Marvel reviews.  Yup.  According to Twitter user, and apparent Captain Marvel supporter, @loudmouthjulia, the top searches are now positive reviews about Brie Larson and not about negative takes on her.

Except I went and searched myself, and I still get a fair number of negative videos.  One with Ben Shapiro to boot. I’m not a Shapiro fan, and I’ve never watched one of his videos, so….clearly she’s just starting shit.

In other Captain Marvel news, Kevin Feige reveals that they gender-flipped Mar-Vell because it was “important” to showcase Carol Danvers having a female-mentor.  Because apparently it only matters if women succeed with the help of other women.  Go out and support your Marvel mandated “sHERO” today.   This is almost as annoying as Nick Fury losing his eye to a fucking cat.  Really?  They wasted that entire line in Winter Soldier for a fucking bit?  Fuck off.

Quick HitsDark Horse will be printing Orville comics going forward, starting with stories that take place in season one; titled The Orville Season 1.5.  Rumors online have X-Box revealing a Phantom White controller, courtesy of Twitter user @ResetEraNT.  Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Lucy Hale has signed on to the Riverdale spin-off Kathy Keene. she’ll be playing the titular Kathy Keene.