Major Injury Updates in the WWE, Injury Bug Takes MLW Wrestler Down and More!

All the injuries.  That’s the name of today’s post apparently.

Firstly, lets start with someone’s career who’s probably over.  Jason Jordan is still on the shelf since undergoing what was considered to be a minimally invasive posterior cervical microdiscectomy back in February.  Apparently not, since here we are nearly 10 months later and Jordan still isn’t cleared.  While he met with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama for revaluation, it’s not looking good.  Not necessarily medically speaking, but according to PWInsider Jordan is working backstage as a producer.  WWE usually only places a wrestler in a producer role after their career is over; see Tyson Kidd.  I’ve been a Jordan fan for some time, so to speculate on his career is not fun for me.


In some other injury news, Dakota Kai was recently injured at a recent NXT.  She apparently injured her knee, and was sent to get an MRI.  The initial concern was that she tore her ACL, but there’s no confirmation about that being the case as of yet.


Another wrestler who’s apparently dealing with an injury is Jason Cade of Major League Wrestling.   Cade broke his ankle, and if that’s not bad enough he was set to compete in MLW’s Four Way Ladder Match in Miami.  Maxwell Jay Friedman aka MJF was set to defend his belt in that match but had to vacate his Middleweight Championship after injuring his elbow.  MLW has announced though that Hijo de LA Park will replace Cade in the Middleweight Title match.


In non-injury news, Finn Balor apparently caught a bug in South America.  Balor was sent home.  Balor is expected to be ready to for Sunday just in time for TLC, and in order to explain his absence the company claimed Balor was injured at the hands of Baron Corbin.


In some interesting news, Matt Hardy is claiming he intends on competing again for the WWE again.  According to Hardy, he claimed that he’s set to return to the ring “sooner” rather than “later”, and he’s quoted as saying;

As far as a timetable of when I’m going to return, I don’t have an exact timetable but I would say sooner than later.


Finally, Ring of Honor is set to move it’s Flagship pay per view, Final Battle to four hours.  The event was traditionally three hours, but considering this might be their last chance to showcase some major names for the last time, this makes sense.  Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and maybe a few others are expected to leave the promotion for some new adventure.  The report of a new promotion coming from the trio is possible, but your guess is as good as mine at this point.  It’ll be interesting to see what else get added to the event, possibly an NWA World Title match might be on the card as well.  We’ll have to wait and see.