Elseworlds Trailer is Fantastic, Was Daredevil Still Popular? and More!

The newest trailer for the Elseworlds event is astounding.  The trailer shows John Wesley Shipp’s Flash, with Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin and a black suited evil Superman all in one convenient video package.  I’m going to do a write up about this later, but I’m super excited.

In other great TV goodness, Castlevania season one is dropping on DVD.  Start your blood lusting now, gentlemen!

Capcom is apparently riding high these days thanks to Monster Hunter: World.  The game has helped Capcom surge to one of their most profitable periods in company history.  The game has sold nearly 8 million units since its release eleven months go, and they’re looking to follow it up with the Resident Evil 2 remake and Devil May Cry V; two huge releases for 2019.  Because of this, the gaming company is looking to up their output from three major titles a year to four.  Their only real miss lately was Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, but they’re really doubling down to make sure Marvel vs. Capcom 5 delivers.  So, a fourth game in 2019? Possibly.

According to a rumor from Revenge of the Fans, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will undergo a change from Suicide Squad to the Birds of Prey film she’s set to co-star in.  The film will see Robbie’s Quinn lose her tattoos from the previous film, and dawn a more conventional Harley-esq look.

In other superhero news, Deadline is claiming that Daredevil was still a massively popular property for Netflix.  They claim the show was ranked fourth in viewer demand of original programming.  The reason for their cancellation stems from Netflix wanting to shorten some seasons of the shows, and Marvel rejecting that idea out of hand.

In more video game news, Ninja Gaiden will make it’s debut on the NES game lineup for Nitnendo online.   Another game joining them is Wario’s Woods, the last game ever made for the Nintendo Entertainment System (that’s officially licensed).  While not the most dynamic games by today’s standard, for a reasonable price they could be fun to play.