WWE Legend Passes, Top Star Ready to Return? and More!

Firstly, lets address the big news in the room.  The Dynamite Kid Tom Billington has passed away on his 60th birthday.  Billington was a pioneer as a lighter wrestler, and invented the style that many have adapted to in their careers.  Wrestlers like Chris Benoit, Davey Richard, Eddie Edwards, Roderick Strong, and others have adopted a similar style to Billington; and it’s fair to say those men may not have achieved the heights they hit if it weren’t for Billington.  Respecting a man’s legacy is one thing.  Respecting his families right to grieve is another thing.  Outright being a bastard about his passing is another thing.  Billington was a flawed man, who was not nice, and caused a lot of issues in his life that were directly tied to his attitude and substance abuse.  Those demons do not discredit his families right to grieve.  He’s not a rapist.  He’s not a murderer.  He’s not covering up drug or ring boy abuse.  He was simply a prick, just not a monster.

Dana Brooke has joined the long list of people complaining about their use on WWE television.  In WWE’s attempt to hoard talent and keep them away from the indies were they’d make more money, many talent are being forgotten about.  Brooke tweeted, then deleted

Never seems to fail..forgotten and under used.

This has happened before with other talent, and usually they end up getting booked the next week.  So will it happen for Brooke?  We’ll see.


In news where a talent isn’t upset about their usage, HBO has announced they’ll be filming a documentary about Kenny Omega.  Joseph Shabason recently appeared on the Kreative Kontrol podcast and shared that he worked on the music for said documentary. Shabason alleged that the documentary will air in early 2019, saying;

I just finished a documentary about a wrestler, that’s going to be coming out on HBO in the New Year, which is going to be really exciting.  It’s a wrestler named Kenny Omega, he’s a wrestler from Winnipeg, but he went to Japan and formed this tag team called The Golden Lovers, which was sort of the first-ever queer storyline in wrestling. … He’s a pretty incredible dude. I was really happy with scoring it.

Mark Henry recently revealed that Alexa Bliss has been medically cleared to return to the ring.  Henry went on SiriusXM’s Busted Open and revealed that he talked to Bliss about her injury.  While no one seems to be able to confirm this, she was in attendance for a seminar that was lead by Mike Quackenbush, the owner of Chikara.

Finally, KM and Fallah Bahh put out a new tweet today revealing that the duo have created a children’s book.  It looks interesting for sure.