Sayin Goodbye to Russo – WrestleCorp Review

On our final recap of the NWA-TNA weekly pay per views (as a regular series that is), Chad and Zach say goodbye to the horrible writing of one Vincent Suck Russo. Hey, it’s even in his name…

NWA-TNA Weekly 40 (April 9th, 2003)
– New Jack and Sandman are the worst.
– Dusty and Lawler didn’t suck.
– Saturn still had something left in his tank.
– A confusing four way main event masterpiece?

NWA TNA Weekly 41 (April 16th, 2003)
– AJ’s most embarrassing loss ever.
– Mike Awesome makes his TNA debut.
– AMW teases a breakup.
– Lynn and Red challenge for the titles.

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