Quick Hits: RAW Loses Overrun, Former IMPACT Star Faces Major Surgery and More!

(*Editors Note*)
In Quick Hits you’ll see small but relevant news postings in one long format, with possible big stories mixed in.  The big stories will be expounded upon in the next day or two as information becomes more available, while less impactful but still relevant news bits will make up a bulk of the article.  Things likes title switches, injuries and other points of fact will go here.  Things that involve more of a deep dive of sorts will get their own posting.

Sean Ross Sapp is claiming that the WWE’s overrun time is being taken away.  RAW for nearly twenty plus years has been allowed to run over on the USA Network as much as presumably needed.  Yet that is now all coming to an end according to Fightful.

While no reason was given, it’s safe to say the USA Network is no longer seeing the net return on investment for this and with the sharp decline in ratings it’s no surprise.  SmackDown has never had this luxury, so it might not be doom and gloom; but it sure isn’t sunshine and rainbows.


Former tag team wrestler AdamThornstowe has suffered a serious injury that will require surgery on his bicep.  Thornstowe tweeted that he’s not sure the extent of the tear and thanked fans for their support over the years, while also being unsure what comes next.  Thornstowe is one of half of the Reno Scum tag team with Luster the Legend, and the duo are quite talented.  This is a shame but we wish them both the best of luck in these trying times.


Jim Ross’s contract allegedly expires on December 31st of this year, and according to Dave Meltzer, no one contract is expected to be signed.  This means that Ross won’t be on the January 4th Dome Show, otherwise known as Wrestle Kingdom.  Ross is under WWE contract for some reason, which was done earlier this year.


CM Punk is back in the headlines, as he’s signing with Cage Fury Fighting Championship as a commentator.  Punk has chops on the mic, obviously, so this might be a good move.  The only thing we’ll have to wait and see is if Punk can sound professional and informed during the broadcast.