IMPACT Looking for New T.V. Home?

IMPACT Wrestling is looking for a new t.v. home apparently.  After Pop TV moved the show from 8-10 to 10-12 PM EST, IMPACT has realized that they aren’t in Pop’s long term plans.  While this is a rumor we’ve been hearing for some time, Mike Johnson of PWInsider is fueling the rumors.  He was asked in his Question and Answer post on PWInsider what is up with IMPACT’s deal with Pop, and replied by saying;

We’ve heard the company has been looking for a potential new TV partner.  Pop moving them to 10 PM can’t be seen as anything but a major step backwards in the relationship between the two sides.  I don’t think you can say Impact isn’t trying to be edgy when they ran a storyline where a CHILD was almost killed!  Going to a more tawdry, violent product isn’t going to help.
There are a few networks that fit with what their doing in regards to content, but will any want to take a risk on them?  That’s the question.
This is not something that’s new rumor wise.  IMPACT Wrestling hired Andrew Whitaker recently in order to help them expand their product in the realm of TV and online distribution.
Whitaker used to work at Paramount Network when it was Spike TV and helped develop relationships with Glory Kickboxing and Spike TV.  With Paramount not finding the success in scripted dramas that they had hoped, and focusing more on combat sports with Bellator, there exists a possibility that Paramount would consider bringing back IMPACT, especially with a new look, a new vibe and no Dixie Carter or Vince Russo to be seen.
IMPACT’s current deal expires after the end of the year, meaning 2019 could see IMPACT Television off t.v. for the first time since 2005 when Fox Sports cancelled their Friday afternoon time slot in the spring and the company limped all the way until September of that year without a deal.
It should also be noted that IMPACT did just upload their first ever Spike TV episode of IMPACT Wrestling on YouTube for free.  Foreshadowing?  Reminiscing? Coincidence?
We’ll find out.
Another avenue might be for IMPACT to go digital which could be viable depending on whom they partner with.  I don’t think the combined grouping of Global Wrestling Network, Pluto T.V., Twitch and YouTube is enough to sustain the group.
However, Pluto TV is expanding and adding more content to their brand.  They’ve also fixed a lot of their commercial break issues.  I don’t think they have a big enough audience yet to justify going with them, nor do I think they could afford them really.