HBK Coming Out of Retirement? How are Talent in IMPACT? and More! – WrestleCorp News

HBK is Coming Out of Retirement – Shawn Michaels either needs the money or he really likes those good folks in Saudi Arabia.  The former Heartbreak Kid is rumored to tag with Triple H against The Undertaker and Kane at the Crown Jewel.  The Crown Jewel event is the 2nd WWE show in Saudi Arabia this year alone, and the WWE is putting more effort into marketing that show than their WWE Evolution show.    The event is on November 2nd.

IMPACT Steps Up – IMPACT Wrestling has reportedly stepped up in a big way during the companies trip down to Mexico.  Apparently all of the flights, travel, food, rooms and such were covered by the company.  More so , due to the wrestlers being so impressed with the companies financial sacrifices for the talent that it inspired the top stars who get rooms covered contractually to volunteer to share their rooms.  PWInsider claims that talents and sources spoke to them and revealed this was the most cohesive locker-room there’s been in IMPACT in some time.

Rey Mysterio’s WWE Deal – Rey Mysterio has allegedly signed a two year deal with the WWE.  The two sides were working out a deal and apparently the hold up was Mysterio’s desired length.  Mysterio wanted an 18 month contract, but the WWE wanted 24.  The WWE got their 24 month contract, but with an apparent opt out clause after 18 months according to PWInsider.

Update on Pentagon/Fenix – The Lucha Bros aren’t going anywhere.  Pentagon and Fenix are both under long term deals with Major League Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling and Lucha Underground; the latter of which has a non-compete clause against the WWE, meaning the brothers couldn’t go if they wanted unless Lucha Underground waved their contracts.  Bauer has the duo through next year, with Lucha Underground through 20202.  IMPACT also has them around for another year, but in their case they ended up getting a raise too.

Quick Hits – Kenny Omega will face off with Fenix at Northeast Wrestling on November 9th.  The Observer is reporting that the WWE has plans to run more 205 Live house shows, bu PWInsider is refuting that claim; this according to Fightful.com.  Madison Rayne has announced on the  Taz Show that Rayne has signed a one year contract with Ring of Honor.   Shimmer has launched a new streaming service for $9.99 a month.