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Ah….another day. Another grouping of news. Tonight is Brand Banter and I’m continuing looking for a new way to produce the podcasts so that we can have a download option.

GFW to Make Major Announcemetnt at Destination X? – GFW seems ready to announce a major piece of news at the Destination X event on Thursday, live on PopTV this Thursday. The announcement will be in regards to the World Title, which has been stripped from Alberto El Patron. The announcement will more than likely announce a new wrestler signing with the company and being placed into the World Title scene, as both John Hennigan (Mundo/Morrison) and Rey Mysterio have been in discussions with GFW for the last few weeks.

Opinion: Personally, I’d put Eli Drake, Low Ki, Lashley and Matt Sydal into a four man elimination match and let it fly. Any of the four would be a better champion than El Patron.

WWE PPV Event Update – Clash of Champions will air on December 17th from Boston, MA at the TD Garden. Many believe this will end the Night of Champions concept but others speculate that it could end the Roadblock pay per view event. Either way, the concepts all suck, and the WWE needs to reduce the number of ‘events’ it does.

GFW Champ Explains Why He Didn’t Go to WWE – Sonjay Dutt was offered a deal from the WWE to come in and work as a trainer for NXT and potentially with the Singh Brothers and Jinder Mahal, as all four share Indian heritage. However, Dutt declined and went with Jeff Jarrett back to GFW to become a wrestler and producer. He explained why during the GFW Weekly conference call from last week, repeating what he said earlier in the year;

A lot of factors played into that. I’m 35, I’ve got a wife, I’ve got two kids and I’ve got a family that I have to put first before my decisions in life. That took a good chunk of the decision-making process, what is best for them. You know, uprooting my family and two young children, that was a huge part of it.

It was a tough [decision] but family first at the end of the day. Like I said, I’ve got a 6-year old and an 8-month old and a wife, so those factors outweigh anything.

Quick Hits – Akira Tozawa to have celebration tonight on 205Live after winning the Cruiserweight Championship. Shane Douglas sends well wishes to long time adversary Ric Flair, as he heels from surgery. Bayley hopes to be able to wrestle in the WWE for as long as she can. GFW announces ‘Latin Night’ at the IMPACT Zone, with an apparent attempt to build up the TripleMania show.

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