Impact Official Arrested, Adam Cole on Future Plans, Osprey Wants Out of Contract? and More!

No quip, a lot of work to do today. So lets hop in.

Impact Roster Member Arrested – Al Snow, long time member of the Impact Wrestling staff and roster, was apparently arrested Monday night and released on $234 bond for “failure to appear”. According to Al Snow, an alleged typo was the reason a bench warrant was issued for Snow, for apparent unpaid ticket.

Cole’s Future – Adam Cole was on the Busted Open Radio show recently and when asked where he sees himself this time next year, he said;

Yeah, again, I’ll explain it as best I can because the truth of the matter is, as both as you guys know it’s almost impossible to predict what’ll happen. But for me, here’s the situation I’m in, for the first time in seven years I’m a free agent. This is the first time in a really long time I have not been signed to Ring Of Honor whatsoever. So for me at 27-years-old, I for the first time really want to just branch out and see what exactly is available and what is being offered to me.

I haven’t made a decision whether or not I’m staying, I haven’t made a decision on whether or not I’m leaving, I haven’t had those conversations yet. But for me, I feel like if I don’t at least explore or check out the possibility or option of what’s out there, I’m always going to wonder. So that’s where I stand right now. It’s nerve racking because so much of this I can’t control. So much of pro wrestling you can’t control. But at the same time, I’m not denying it’s not an exciting time for me as well. I know that some options and some availability is a possibility for me, so I think it creates an interesting time for the Adam Cole brand.

Will Osprey Wants out of ROH? – It seems Will Osprey is ready to move on from his current position in ROH. When asked by ESPN online about his desire to go to the WWE, he said;

I am contracted. At the end of it, I’m with Ring of Honor, I’m with New Japan. I’ve got no choice. They say jump, I saw how high? Would I like to change? Absolutely, but I need to able to show them I’m worth something now, and this is how I’m gonna do it.

It seems like he’s really itching at getting out of his deal at some point in the near future. He does backtrack and claim he has no desire to go to the WWE right now, but it should be noted that Will Osprey already broke agreements with Impact Wrestling before anyone had heard of him, to move on to NJPW. He didn’t even inform them until after he debuted with the company, that he was breaking their deal and moving on to Japan. So it’s very possible he’d want to do it again.

Quick Hits – Dixie Carter will be appearing in a new project with ITV, and apparently filmed stuff this week in London with her niece. The Rock is beating Donald Trump in a national poll.