205 Struggling? SD Main Event for WM 34, Another Talent Injured and More! – WrestleCorp News

So I just watched a the Phillip DeFranco show, and his top story made me angrier than an Alabama fan after he was just assumed to be a LSU fan. So yeah, I’m not in the “fuck with me” mood today for some of you. So some of this news will be….SCATHING. Lets do this, Space Monkey Mafia.

205 Live Doomed? – It’s doomed. So very doomed. The numbers are far too low to justify going “live” and the audience is only waning. While the “experts” are surprised that the Crusierweight driven show isn’t doing better, I am not. Why? Because I have eyes. Firstly, the show’s not generating any momentum because there’s no reason to watch it. I can see every top star on RAW. Why bother watching the job-squad too? Secondly, there’s no one to watch. Yes, they have Austin Aries, but who else? Do you really think Neville, despite his improvement in character (which I’ve been mild about since it happened) is really able to carry a program? Who’s on the show? TJ Perkins? Jack Gallagher? There’s no name value on the show. It’s that fucking simple. If Daniel Bryan was wrestling on it, ok, we could be flabbergasted that no one’s watching it. But the top stars are a 37 year old, past his peak Austin Aries, and a 30-something year old who’s playing the most basic heel character possible.

HMMM I WONDER WHY NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH IT. The proposed UK and Women’s Division shows (not tournaments) will suffer the same way.

SmackDown’s WrestleMania Main Event – Never heard of Billi Bhatti or the “Dirty Sheets” podcast, but he’s reporting that AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the title will headline the show. It won’t. I’ve already talked to one source who called the idea “laughable” and that if Vince McMahon is still in charge/alive come next April, that it won’t even be an option. The idea of using another promotions major feud to be featured at WrestleMania is blaspheme. I’ve heard SummerSlam could happen though. The match will sell and they’re concerned about the drawing power for SummerSlam, so the match for the title, may happen there. Of course, my source did say to me that anything can happen between now and then.

Major Name Injures Another Wrestler? – There’s news, and then speculation, so bear with me. The news is that Dash Wilder is out until June or July upon preliminary news. The presumption is that the injury came at the hands/knee of Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura has a reputation of being unsafe with his kicks. Some will say stiff, but when it results in injuries to his opponents, there’s no other way to define it. With Shibata apparently forced into retirement and nearly dying after going all in with the Strong Style approach, if Nakmaura, “The King of Strong Style” did cause a second major injury in less than a year, then it’s time to reconsider his push. Despite being super charismatic, someone in that ring (possibly Nakamura) has ended a tag team’s bright future. The Revival won’t rebound from this, as the WWE can’t even get new tag teams booked well when they’re hot. So what hope does this team have. While no one is talking yet as to how he was injured, there belief is that it was at the hands of Nakamura.

Top Name Rejected? – The Observer is claiming that Ken Shamrock has been turned down by the WWE to be entered into their Hall of Fame. Despite the fact he left a major imprint during his three years with the company, the WWE seems to want nothing to do with him. The bar is set incredibly low for “hall of fame worthy” when Koko B. Ware goes in.

News: Impact Wrestling star Lashley to appear on WOS Wrestling relaunch. Shelton Benjamin has been cleared to return. No WWE return date set. Mauro Ranallo takes swipe at WWE, by referring to MMA talent and wrestler Alpha Female as “…a pro wrestler”; he then explains how great it was to say that word. Finn Balor backstage, will be used if medically cleared.

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