WrestleCorp News – Top Woman Gone from WWE, WWE Still Harassing El Patron, and More!

I’m not in the best of moods right now. This whole net neutrality thing has me headbanging against the wall. Call your House of Representative if you don’t want cable and internet providers to be able to sell your information to companies. By the way, they’ll also no longer tell you if they have been compromised, leading to more people getting their identity stolen. So yeah, go tell your representative to kill this bill. (*The major companies are buying votes, how is anyone ok with this?)

So yeah, pissed. Here’s the news, Space Monkey Mafia.

Major Woman Gone – Shockingly enough, or maybe not, Eva Marie is done with the WWE. The WWE has decided to not renew the contract of Eva Marie. Since she was suspended back in the summer of last year, she’s stopped dyeing her hair red, and is no longer addressing herself as a WWE wrestler. So the idea of her not wanting to be a wrestler, and only filming movies and such, seems to be true.

El Patron Getting Harassed – The WWE seems to be harassing Alberto El Patron and Paige still. The current Impact Wrestling star posted a photo on Instagram stating that an unnamed company was still harassing “them” (he and Paige). He stated they’re trying to “…destroy my baby…”. Now, AAA and El Patron have had issues in the past, but it seems more likely that it’s the WWE, as Paige and AAA have had no issues, and he expressly states that shes involved too. Go figure, the WWE are being vindictive.

Former Champs at WrestleMania? – There is rumors from PWInsider that Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly and Victoria are reportedly being considered for the SmackDown’s women’s title match. It’s considered to be an open invitational match, so part time or former “Diva’s” are definitely eligible to compete.

Quick Hits: Sean Waltman in great shape thanks to DDP Yoga. Pitbull, Flo Rida, Lunchmoney Lewis, Stephen Marley join Tinashe as musical acts for upcoming WrestleMania show. Cus fuck wrestling, right? Al Roker to be special guest ring announcer, cus he’s super popular with Millennials? Jerry Lynn and Brian Fury were guest trainers at WWE Performance Center. Sean Waltman is in best shape of his life.

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