WrestleCorp News: Goldberg Done after WrestleMania?, Surprise Inductee for HOF’ers, and More!

No big header this week, not feeling the greatest. So members of the Space Monkey Mafia, lets get into it.

Goldberg Done? – There’s been a lot of conversations about Goldberg in the WWE going forward. The feeling is that after 13 years away, the huge reactions he’s getting is a sign that fans still want more of him. According to the Observer, WWE is open to bringing Goldberg in for more dates after WrestleMania. This however isn’t in line with what Goldberg has been saying; claiming he’s done after WrestleMania because he’s been doing this for his son and wife and doesn’t have much desire beyond that. I could be wrong, we’ll see.

Rock and Roll Induction – The Rock and Roll Express is going into the Hall of Fame and long time manager Jim Cornette will in fact induct him. This is surprising as the WWE and Cornette have been estranged for some time, as Cornette feels the WWE is being lead by….we’ll say not so smart people. Cornette managed long time rivals The Midnight Express, so this is a very interesting selection. We’ll see if Cornette plays nice.

Impact Wrestling Announces New Partnership – With deals with Crash Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH in place, you can add a third and surprising partnership. At the Rey dey Reyes event in Monterrey, Mexico, Jeff Jarrett showed up and announced a new partnership with Dorian Roldan and AAA. This comes as a bit of an interesting move, as AAA has had ties to Lucha Underground over the last few years. However, Lucha Underground has grown weary about AAA’s management over their tenure, and are now contracting talent no longer associated with AAA.

This partnership will not effect Impact Wrestling’s deal with CRASH. I’ve heard rumblings that with Mexico, Japan and Scott D’Amore’s Canadian ties that it’s not that out of the ordinary to think we could see a return of the Global X Cup.

Quick Hits: Shinsuke Nakamura added to NXT tour following WrestleMania, thus a sign that he may not be debuting with the main roster anytime soon. WWE has finally added the 2012 debut episodes of NXT to the network. Johnny Mundo wins two championships in AAA to become a Triple Champion. Josh Barnett puts over time in Impact Wrestling.

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