WWE Launching a Podcast Network?

WWE is trying to kill the American indies, the British indies, the European indies and probably even your own pets.  So it’s no surprised that the WWE is now trying to kill wrestling podcasts.

The WWE has announced that in conjunction with Endeavor Audio, a series of new talent-based podcasts will be rolled out for the network.  The WWE isn’t new to the podcast game, as back in the day after his first retirement, JBL and Michael Cole recorded one just prior to SmackDown that would get posted on WWE.com.  It was essentially JBL talking shit about everyone he didn’t like, and was mildly entertaining.

The WWE launching a ‘podcast network’ should worry you.  Part of the reason podcasts are so in vogue and in demand is that they are often unfiltered and unedited.  They are raw conversations about topics, subjects and events in the world.  The ones that feature interviews are often the most popular as the subject of the interview is free to share their opinions.

The WWE will not permit that at all.  They’ll micro-manage the podcasts so they’re sanitized and only spin the WWE-rhetoric.  An entire podcast network dedicated to WWE propaganda.  That’ll be fun.

No real details exist beyond selected corporate bullshit-quotes, so we have no real idea what to expect.  I would be surprised if this wasn’t attached to the WWE Network in some way, as they’re losing their 2nd most watched event, NXT (behind the ppvs), so they are going to have to replace that type of production.

Who knows what to expect, all I know is the WWE has a history of screwing up good things.

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