Teal Piper Signs With Major Promotion

Teal Piper is 34 years old and finally chasing after a career in pro wrestling.  She was announced for the AEW Buy in Battle Royal the last week of August, but now she’s made even bigger news by inking a deal with a promotion.

Piper will debut for the female promotion Women of Wrestling.  Piper is training for WOw with other members of the WOW roster in Long Beach, California.  Her brother Colton wrestled for a few years under their birth name of Toombs, but he’s been out of the industry for some time.

It’ll be interesting to see if Teal’s success inspires him to return to the ring.  Teal has an uphill battle to make it in the industry for sure.  Ask Tessa Blanchard just how hard it is to gain respect on your own when you’re the child of a legend.  Teal is an out-and-out rookie, so we have on idea what she can provide or even do at the moment but I for one am pulling for her.

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