Ryback Threatens Violence Against New WWE-Producer

In news that’ll make you go ‘yup, sounds right’, Ryback has apparently threatened the well-being of new WWE Producer Pat Buck.  The two aren’t strangers to one another, as Ryback and Buck worked together after Ryback’s WWE career ended.  The two started a podcast together and Buck also served as his agent for a time following Ryback’s WWE departure.

At first the story seemed to revolve around the idea that Buck and Ryback had issues stemming from the end of Buck’s involvement with Ryback’s podcast; A Conversation with the Big Guy.  Ryback and Buck split, which seemed to hurt the flow and structure of the show, according to those who listened.

Yet, KM has shed some light on the situation.  KM, for those unaware, is the #2 man behind WrestlePro, a moderate indy on the east coast that is owned and ran by Buck.  With Buck now with the WWE, KM will take over the booking and promotional duties to help take stuff off of Buck’s plate.

In responding to a fan, KM brought some light to the situation.  Ryback apparently believes that Buck stole money from him during Buck’s time as his manager.  KM however is quick to dispel that rumor.


Ryback is not well liked by the wrestling industry, for context.  Despite being 34 upon his release from the WWE and being a big name, he’s wrestled inconsistently on the indies.  He hasn’t been approached by NJPW, IMPACT, ROH, AEW or even NWA.  The most places he wrestled for as of late were in fact WrestlePro, Buck’s promotion.

When a major WWE name returns to the market, they often make a lot of big appearances for major shows.  Not the case for Ryback and that has to do how the industry feel about him.  He’s out priced himself in the market place, and is known to be difficult to work with.

So is it any surprise he’s blaming his short comings in his post-WWE career on Buck?  Ryback also hasn’t wrestled at all in 2019, either because he’s “hurt” or no one would have him.  Unsure which.  Don’t care either.   Bret Hart still gets booked, and he can’t bump anymore.

Bucks’ reputation in contrast is pretty damn sterling.  He’s one of the better trainers in wrestling and has helped develop many talent that are on the rise in wrestling today.  Aside from his right-hand man KM, Fallah Bahh, Scarlett Bordeaux, Anthony Bowens and others have benefited from his insight, while helping train top indy stars MJF and Kris Statlander.

I’ve never heard a bad word about Buck, and with all the partnerships he’s made in recent years, especially with work with IMPACT Wrestling, usually a person’s reputation gets exposed if there’s something there to expose.  Combined that with his split from Pro Wrestling Syndicate and how eager everyone is to go out of their way and bury someone these days; you’d think that his reputation would out pace him and be revealed by now.  However he’s still constantly viewed as a great guy.

Yet, there are plenty of people who think Ryback sucks as a human being.  So…you decide who to believe.



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