The Seth Rollins/Kaitlyn Scandal Might Be Worse Than We Though

Seth Rollins’ reputation is dead in 2019.  The once beloved indy-darling is nothing more than a piece of shit who knowingly acts like a degenerate to fill whatever gaping hole is in his soul.

Talking to the The Delray Misfits, ex-husband of Celeste Bonin (WWE’s Kaitlyn) P.J. Braun revealed that Seth Rollins was sending nude photos to his then-wife several years ago.  In the conversation, Braun said he hated Rollins, going as far to say that he’d ‘rip his arms’ off.

I’ll tell you who I hate.  I hate Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins was sending, while I was still married, I’ll call her my ex-wife, naked pictures of himself getting out of the shower and s—. I saw it one day. It caused a huge fight between me and her. She was like, ‘That’s just who he is. He’s a flirty guy.’ He even got in trouble for having his dick out on Twitter or something like that. I’m like, ‘He knows that you are married. What the fuck is going on?’ … If I ever got my hands on him I would have ripped his fucking arms off. He’s just a little pussy.

This isn’t the first time Rollins has ran a foul with the opposite sex.  Rollins notoriously cheated on his then fiance with Nazi-fan girl Zahra Schreiber.  The two had their nudes leaked online by Rollins’ ex (allegedly), and Rollins then started dating the Nazi-fan-girl.  The two broke up some time later, and now Rollins is dating Becky Lynch.
The unsolicited dick-picks to Kaitlyn happened prior to 2017, as that’s when Braun and Bonin divorced.  With Rollins attempting to shame Will Osprey for not making as much blood money as Rollins did, and then subsequently claimed he was going hungry thanks to (ex?)friend Jon Moxley’s desire to leave the WWE; it’s fair to say that 2019 was the year Rollins was broken by the pressure.
Now he’s again in hot water with the fanbase, for either #1) knowingly trying to sleep with a married women and showing the world he doesn’t have any morals or values or by #2) Sexually harassing a co-worker with unsolicited dick pics.  Made worse by this whole situation is the fact that Rollins may of been taking advantage of Bonin’s addiction issues.
According to Bonin’s own words, she was an addict for some time up until 2016, during the window in which Rollins was allegedly sending nudes to her.  If he knew she was an addict and let’s be real, it’s not hard to see when someone’s struggling, especially in wrestling; then what does that say about Seth’s actions?
If it was after she checked herself into rehab, when she’s dealing with an alcohol issue, vulnerable and easily influenced?  Just as bad, I think.  Either way she’s in need of some form of relief from her pain and if Seth abused that, then that makes him even scummier than we all thought.  To clarify, this is a question that needs to be answered, not an known accusation.  Bonin was in the throws of addiction with a compound that, as she claimed, was not for human consumption but was sold legally.
My first guess is inhalants.  Though that’s nothing more than a guess.  Either way, she was taking a legal compound that would have adverse side effects.  Was Rollins aware of this when he was tampering with her marriage?  She claims her marriage was toxic, but toxic on what party?  Openly talking to men who send you dick-picks and making excuses for it seems pretty toxic to me; but what do I know.  At the end of the day Kaitlyn has made mistakes, and she’s admitted to this.  Will Rollins?  Will Seth “man up” and admit he’s a been a piece of garbage, or will he just run from another scandal?
It’s sounding more and more like this is a trend for Seth Rollins.
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