Cody Rhodes Says Goodbye to ROH, Shane Douglas Drags NWA and More!


Cody Rhodes finished up with Ring of Honor by doing his best Metal Gear cosplay.  His wife, Brandi, also got in the fun in a stellar Sniper Wolf outfit.

And while visually they stand out, what is making news today is Cody’s official farewell address to ROH Wrestling.  He’s expected to launch All Elite Wrestling in 2019, but we won’t know for sure until after New Japan’s January 4th Dome Show event, Wrestle Kingdom.   You can read the post below;



Jay Lethal, who defeated Cody Rhodes to retain his ROH World Championship has been linked to Rhodes for months now.  The media have painted Lethal as the defender of ROH from guys like Rhodes, so it’s no surprise that when TVInsider spoke to him, the topic of WWE poaching talent came up.

Think about how many times Ring of Honor has gone through a rebuilding phase. It seems like they never exit that. With Ring of Honor becoming a destination for other wrestlers to come to, it’s not an independent promotion anymore. It’s a destination spot for wrestlers all over the world. Think about all the people who have come through. Many of them have become champions in other companies. Think about if you ran a promotion, how do you pick up and carry on after you lose an AJ Styles or a Samoa Joe? How do you pick up and go on after you lose a Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, or Adam Cole? You just do it.

You don’t try to replace those guys, but pick up and move on because those guys are irreplaceable. The winning formula is you don’t try to replace them. You just have to pick up and move on and add another piece to the end of the puzzle … It’s going to hurt and impact us a lot. Most of these guys were in the main event. It’s going to be a hit, but we are going to do what Ring of Honor always does and carry on. We always produce one of the best wrestling products out there.

Sean Waltman has a unique view on just addiction but the turmoil of longtime friend Justin Credible.  Credible is on a downward spiral, and Waltman did his best to put things in prospective for fans by addressing the Credible arrests, saying;

I had my own way of being down, my own version of hell, so my heart hurts for him and I love the guy.  You guys know I really care a lot about him, we try not to give up on people cause when I was ready to fight, people were there for me. But he’s gotta do his part, you gotta do your part…

I just hate seeing this cause there is children involved.  There’s this documentary being made and a documentary is a documentary. It’s not scripted. You don’t get to write the finish of the documentary… You guys know I work with a rehab center and that guy was ready to go pick him up and he wouldn’t go, it’s so frustrating. But I kinda get it too…


Shane Douglas recently talked about his views on the NWA during his Triple Threat Podcast, where he took a real hard stance on the company.  The NWA filmed Douglas without his consent back in December of 2017 and cheap shotted him in the voice over of said clip, so Douglas is probably angry still.  When asked how he would grade NWA’s first season, Douglas was clear; a failure.   He goes on to say;

Definition: Failure. I give the NWA over its performance from the last year a grade of MF. Miserable failure. I did that to Vince the very last time I performed as the Dean. Blackjack Lanza was my agent and we were in Erie, PA and Vince kept throwing down over the IFB asking what grade will I give and Blackjack keeps giving me a look. So Vince is panicking and we go live to tape and we have no way to correct it and when we get to the point of giving a grade and after a long pause I say MF (in the Franchise laugh). You hear Vince saying what is he going to say, what is he going to say and get ready to cut his mic and I wanted to mother f*ck so bad and it was right there but I thought I’d just take my ball and go home and give it the old miserable failure. You could almost hear Vince sigh relief over the IFB. But I would say that I will re-invoke the MF “miserable failure” thus far for the NWA