Not Backing Down on Accusations, Gail Clarifies Comments

Gail Kim Clarifies Statements – Gail Kim ripped the McMahon family for their (admittedly and obvious) racist bullshit. However, Kim felt she generalized the company too much in her original statements and sought to clarify her comments to narrow the scope and be more accurate. She specifically states that the only thing she regrets is saying “they” without being more specific in regards to the racist behavior she was a target of.

She emphasized that the people within the WWE aren’t necessarily racist, there is a “culture” that has formed from the “top” (The McMahons). Kim at no point backtracks or apologizes but it was clear that someone close to her took issue, and this was Kim’s attempt to distance the generic rhetoric and focus her words.

No one would disagree with her when someone says that not everyone in the WWE is racist. I think people like Ember Moon, Mia Yim, and Karl Anderson can attest to their love of other races (they’re all in interracial relationships). So for Kim to clarify her statements shows respect for those who work in the company and are trying to change it.

Does this mean the McMahon’s aren’t racist? No, they’re garbage people who don’t give two shits about anyone. I applaud Kim’s attempts to shed light on this situation but too many people, Kim herself, keep the full truth in the shadows.  Kim could be more accurate, throw names out there.  Force people to take notice; but she’s tip toeing around things due to the political nature of the industry.  One can’t blame her.

This isn’t on Kim though, as it’s a trend, even among straight, white dudes.  The amount of people too afraid to speak out is astounding. I can’t even count how many men and women I’ve talked to who say “…maybe I’ll write a book about it one day” instead of commenting on the record.  None of those people have published a book yet.

Not all of them mean the WWE, obviously,  but that does seem to be an overarching fear in the industry. You can rock the boat but don’t you dare tip it over.

I hope more people speak out, and shed light on Vince McMahon’s atrocities.