Former WWE Champion and NJPW Star Faces Serious Issues Over Personal Life

Former WWE Star in Serious Trouble – New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Taka Michinoku, formerly of WWE and Kaientai fame, is facing a major situation in Japan this week. According to FLASH magazine (via IT Media), Taka has been accused of and admitted to….cheating on his wife.

Not murder. Not rape. Not even owning child porn (this will come back around). Nope, infidelity. Now yes, 16-21 states here in America have some sort of law on the books against such thing, but mostly you’re looking at a manageable fine in the worst of those situations.

Yet, Japan thinks this to be a major moral crime. To the point that Taka’s career is in jeopardy. Marcus’ favorite’s wrestler, Taichi, was suspended for sixty days and his pay was cut by 30% for an undisclosed amount of time in 2014 for the same thing. Presumably not with the same person though.

His promotion and training dojo Kaientai Dojo is expected to follow suit and follow New Japan in punishing Taka for his actions.

Now, why is this so batshit crazy? Well NJPW and the media is treating Taka like manga creator, and admitted hebephile Nobuhiro Watsuki. For those who don’t know a hebephile is someone who is attracted to young children between the ages of 11-14. That’s what Nobuhiro is. He was also busted, red handed with child porn. While his charges are far greater, Jared Fogle of Subway fame was sentenced to almost 16 years in prison. Nobuhiro was given a slap on the wrist, time off to “reflect” and allowed back to his manga projects.

Taka is now being treated just like Nobuhiro. While customs were damaged, morals were tested and Taka’s honor was dinged, no one was ultimately hurt physically, exploited or forced to do something against their will.  Yet to hold Taka and child porn lover like Nobuhiro in the same regard?

Congrats, Japan. You are broken.