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Austin Aries Done? – He has quite literally been fired from everywhere he’s ever been, but Aries seems to be done with IMPACT Wrestling once again, even if just temporarily.  As you know, Aries lost the IMPACT World Championship to Johnny IMPACT and after losing, no-souled the ending, and walked out with his stable; flicking off the crowd as he left.

Today Bryan Alvarez has claimed that Aries has gone home, that he’s not at the t.v. tapings today, and isn’t expected back.  Though he is sure to say that he has not been fired, to the best of his knowledge.  Aries has already been fired from IMPACT Wrestling twice before, and left a third time.  So to say there has been heat here is an understatement.

NJPW Stable to WWE? – Tama Tonga is making fans think.  There are rumors surrounding the blog-o-sphere that say the Bullet Club’s Elite faction may be heading to the WWE.  Tama Tonga claimed that Kenny Omega had ran to Dave Meltzer and told him that people were unhappy in NJPW since the new President took over back in May, citing a lack of fun.  Meltzer has since gone to to say that the people who reported this had taken it out of context.  It should also be noted that Tonga may of just been throwing Omega under the bus for the sheer ability to work the audience; as Omega and Tonga are in a civil war story line at the moment.

Well Tonga is stepping it up a bit, as he tweeted out;

In fact, Tonga doubled down and tweeted at Adam Page, accusing him of calling Tonga’s father a “POS” (piece of shit) before going on to wish him good luck in the WWE on several occasions.  Is this a work? Is this a shoot?  Who knows right now.

Cody Rhodes, one of the leaders of the Elite and founder of the All In event, recently was recorded joking during the Legends of Ring event via Grims Toy show and claimed All In 2 was cancelled and that they were going to the WWE.  A joke, sure, but was there any truth to it?  We’ll have to wait and see.

The Rock’s WWE Title – The Rock was supposed to have his own custom title, like Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, Edge and Jeff Hardy, but it never came to pass.  Why?  Because the guy who created the belt sent it and it was lost in the mail.  According to Dan of Leather by Dan, a man named Joe Marshall created and sent the belt but it was lost by the mail.  he revealed this on the Fightful Wrestling Podcast, saying;

The actual belt did exist. Joe Marshall did make it for WWE. It featured a 3D Brahma Bull head. What happened was the belt was actually lost in the mail. He sent the belt via FedEx as the story goes, and it was magically lost. WWE decided to go a different direction, but a few weeks later it was found. This belt was a myth for years until WWE finally decided to display it at Axxess.

In a bit of more humorous turn of events, it’s then revealed that The Rock tried to take home the last ring-used WWE spinner belt home with him after they debuted their current WWE Championship.  The WWE wanted the belt back, and made some more schmuck call The Rock, asking for the belt back.  The Rock is a well known ring-used belt collector and saw the spinner as a nice piece to his collection.  Maybe THAT’s why the WWE hasn’t been able to get him wrestle again? (He says, jokingly).

I’d love to collect in ring used belts myself but those have to be expensive as fuck.

Jericho’s Cruise to be Broadcasted – As mentioned last week, the Chris Jericho Rock and Wrestling Rager at Sea event will stream on FITE TV.  The press release by Fite TV is below;

Two weeks from setting sail on the inaugural voyage of his groundbreaking
“Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea,” 6 Time WWE Champion and Fozzy front man Chris Jericho
has announced that the premier matches on the cruise will be streamed in a FITE TV special
called “Streaming for Vengeance” on November 3 at 8pm, just days after the cruise returns to
Miami from its roundtrip trip to Nassau, Bahamas.

“Ever since we announced Chris Jericho’s Rock N Wrestling Rager At Sea, everybody who
couldn’t make it onboard the cruise have been asking me if we are streaming the event,” says
Jericho. “Now, after months of pondering, planning and probing, I can proudly say the answer is
YES!! Preorder “Streaming for Vengeance” now to see the biggest main event of the year, The
ALPHA CLUB vs The BULLET CLUB, and the entire Sea Of Honor Tournament on FITE TV! Stream
it in, Maaan!”

The featured matches of “Streaming For Vengeance” will be the historic “Alpha Club vs. Bullet
Club” showdown featuring The Alpha Club: Chris Jericho & the Young Bucks vs. The Bullet Club:
Kenny Omega, Cody & Marty Scurll, and Ring of Honor’s “Sea of Honor” Tournament matches,
featuring some of the hottest names in wrestling today! Click here to see the Sea of Honor
Tournament Bracket.

Jericho is set to make history on the four-day music and wrestling mashup on the high seas.
Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea, launched in partnership with Sixthman, the
industry leaders in festivals at sea, will deliver a breakthrough vacation experience aboard the
Norwegian Jade. The six-time WWE Champion and over 2,000 die-hard Friends of Jericho will
set sail October 27-31, 2018, from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas, joined by some of Y2J's closest
musician, comedian and wrestling hall of fame friends.

“The moment I walked off The KISS Kruise after playing it with Fozzy in 2015, I called my
manager with the idea doing a rock and wrestling cruise. My thoughts were that it would
feature everything that Chris Jericho is known for: wrestling, rock n roll, podcasting, comedy,
paranormal discussion and most importantly, A GREAT PARTY!” says Jericho. “Throw in as much
food and drink you can handle, a beautiful island paradise like the Bahamas and you've got
everything you need for the greatest destination vacation that a rock and wrestling fan could
ever dream of!”

A destination of her own, Norwegian Jade offers guests Norwegian Cruise Line’s signature
freedom and flexibility to enjoy 11 onboard bars and lounges, 15 dining experiences, one
outdoor pool, hot tubs, and a full menu of spa treatments. Enjoy out of this world duty-free
shopping and awe-inspiring architecture in beautiful Nassau. Explore your adventurous side
diving in the crystal blue water with dolphins and colorful fish or try your luck in a casino.

Less than 10 cabins remain to join this inaugural cruise. For more information and to book now,
visit us online at or call Sixthman directly at 877-379-9174 between the
hours of 10AM ET and 6PM ET.

Quick Hits – Former WWE talent Melina spoke to Ring The Belle and shared her opinion that if companies continue to repeat specific moments then they stop meaning anything.  Mike Johnson is reporting that James Ellsworth will be appearing on the 1000th episode of SmackDown.  Lanny Poffo is reporting that he’s trying out for a New Japan Pro Wrestling color commentary position according to his podcast, the Genius Cast.