Lucasfilm President Replacement Rumor, John Boyega Slams Trolls and More! – ComicCorp News

Lucasfilm President Replacement? – Insider publication Ankler claims that Kathleen Kennedy, the President of Lucas Films, might be out come September.  With so many director, cast and production issues with Star Wars franchise since the franchise was acquired, some believe Kennedy is on a hot seat.  While that rumor has legs, the rumor of Marvel’s President Kevin Feige replacing her seems unlikely.  He wouldn’t Marvel, and running two studios in today’s day and age seems rather impossible.

Star Wars Actor Slams Bullying –   Star Wars actor and leading man John Boyega recently stepped up to the plate and slammed people who bully actors, telling them to direct their complaints elsewhere.

Quick Hits – Amazon’s Lords of the Ring series could debut in 2021 according to sources.  Hulu has added English dubbed episodes of My Hero Academia to their service.  Former Blue Ranger David Yost has started a new anti-bullying campaign.