New ‘Batman’ Prequel Coming? Major Villain Rumored for Daredevil S3 and More! – ComicCorp News



Daredevil Season 3 Villain – There’s a new rumor from Reddit, so it’s SUPER CREDIBLE, that states the third season of “Daredevil” will feature Wilson Bethel as Bullseye.  The Reddit post claims that the series starts too slow for the third season, and will introduce (too) many new characters.  He also states that Kingpin will be the reason that Bullseye comes into play.  The poster states that Bullseye wont wear his costume, mostly cus it’s Marvel and no one does.  There’s also a rumor that the iconic Daredevil and Bullseye fight scene from the church will also happen.

Dragon Ball Reveals New Villain – Dragon Ball has revealed a new Evil Saiyan, and he looks like a “My Hero Academia” character.  I don’t read Japanese so I have no idea what his bio says, but the character is part of the “Dragon Ball Heroes” card game.  The character doesn’t have a name, he’s just known as the Evil Saiyan.  For more on the character and the game, check out more details here.

Overwatch and Nerf Teaming Up – If you’re a person 35 or younger you probably played with either Super Soakers or Nerf guns.  Well, now Nerf owns Super Soakers and it seems Nerf is doing something unique with their brand of guns.  They’ll be partnering with Overwatch to create a line of game-themed blasters.  The Overwatch-themed guns will be part of the Nerf Rival line, which is essentially painball without the stinging.  No other details of the Overwatch-themed guns have been revealed.

A New Batman Prequel in the Works? – “Gotham” has been a mixed bag since its debut.  Well, apparently Bruno Heller, the “Gotham” showrunner is in talks to produce a new series called “Pennyworth”.  Which, as you guest, will feature Alfred Pennyworth.  The show has already gotten a ten episode order via Epix.  This will be part of Epix’s new attempt to broaden their original lineup offering, which before only had four of the original series.   The series will focus on Alfred in 1960’s London, where Alfred will serve as a SAS soldier for the British Government.  The series will not be set in the “Gotham” universe and Sean Pertwee (Alfred on Gotham) will not be involved.


Quick Hits – One Punch Man season 2 has been secured by Viz Media.  Battlefield V has been confirmed by EA and will have a full reveal on May 23rd.   Okami will release on the Nintendo Switch on August 9th.  Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that there may be more Han Solo-centric films coming.