Undertaker Rumors Circulating, Major Indy Stars Working WWE Show and More! – WrestleCorp News


The Undertaker Rumor – We don’t know where the Undertaker is, but Cageside seats has a theory, they didn’t announce the match because the card doesn’t need Undertaker vs. John Cena to be announced.  That’s the rumor.  Not that he can’t get cleared, which makes a hell of a lot more sense than not promoting the BIGGEST match on the card.  The uncertainty isn’t creating buzz, so this is obviously not the situation.  I still attend that Undertaker can’t get cleared.  Is that the truth of the situation?  I don’t know, it’s speculation.  But we’ll see.

Zack Sabre Jr Slams Entire Country – These British lads, man.  Zachary Sabre Jr.  After the Road to Sakura Genesis event last week, Sabre was interviewed prior to his IWGP Heavyweight Championship match against Kazuchika Okada and revealed that Suzuki-gun was taking over.  But then he gone a bit more…He’s quoted as saying;

Suzuki-gun, we’re taking over. We’ll take over England. We’ll take over Japan. Take over America. Not Mexico … Mexico can f*ck off!

Taka Michinoku (yes, that Taka), tried to interject and smooth things over before Sabre interjected saying, “…Ok, you can go to Mexico then!”  Several area Mexican outlets picked this up and it’s created a bit of a buzz.  Mexico takes it’s pro wrestling very seriously, and being told off by a partner promotion’s star is the last thing the country wants to hear.   It’ll be interesting to see how Sabre’s comments will affect the CMLL/NJPW relationship going forward.

Major Stars Joining WWE Axxess – The WWE is bringing in WWN Champion Keith Lee and wXw stalwart WALTER in for their WWE Axxess event.  Both have denied that they’re signing deals with the WWE, and WALTER is known to be very into his work for wXw.  This isn’t a sign that either man has signed deals as of yet, as TK Cooper and Jimmy Havoc worked last year and never signed deals.  It’s possible they’re coming in but with the WWE’s new trend of bringing in top indy stars on open deals like Pete Dunne, Kota Ibushi to name two, it’s far more likely they’re just doing this one show for now.


Quick  Hits – According to The Observer, Fox is interested in signing the WWE over the UFC at this point.  I’ve also heard that Fox is being more aggressive than NBC Universal to re-up the WWE.   James Storm was backstage last night at RAW, and the word going around is that there is mutual interest in both sides to get something done but last night was about saying high to friends (allegedly).   Jillian Hall has plead no Contest for her DUI after failure to pass a Pre-Trial Diversion Program.  The Bullet Club have officially retired their new logo, and will retain their more iconic one.  Will Osprey claims on Twitter that he’s going to New Orleans for his bookings, despite injuries sustained against Marty Scurll in their latest Light-Heavyweight Championship match.  Jeff Jarrett claims he’s not in talks (at the moment) to return to the WWE after being inducted into their Hall of Fame.  The WWE unveiled the NXT North American Championship today on YouTube.  The belt will be up for grabs at Saturday’s NXT event.  IMPACT Wrestling revealed their schedule for WrestleMania week on Twitch.