Gabe Sapolsky Signs With WWE, Big Changes to IMPACT Wrestling and More! – WrestleCorp News

Gabe Sapolsky Signs With WWE – The lines between WWNLive and the WWE are becoming even more blurred. Much like the move year ago between Paul Heyman, ECW and the WWE, we are once again seeing the WWE sign (essentially) the owner of a smaller fed as a consultant. WWNLive has been struggling financially for a while, and the break from former streaming partner FloSlam really put things in flux, causing a lot of discussion about if the company could even survive. This deal with the WWE isn’t just a ‘consulting’ job I’m gold, but it was made as almost a ‘dibs’ type move; in order to hone in on WWNLive’s tape library. There is a lot of debate if the company will see 2019, and if it doesn’t, the WWE is now perfectly poised to acquire it, and Sapolsky, who’s considered to be a top mind in the business.

Big IMPACT Wrestling Changes – IMPACT Wrestling has opted to embrace tradition and their past, and have officially ditched the six sided ring. It’s no surprise to those in the know that the talent in IMPACT Wrestling were no big supporters of the six sides. The six sides are far more abusive, and cause more strain on the body than a traditional four sided ring. What’s even more interesting is that IMPACT’s new four sided ring also is adorned with a Twitch logo on certain sides, hinting at a possible deal with the streaming site. AAA, WrestleCircus and House of Hardcore were all previous companies that announced a deal with the service.

Cody Rhodes Announces ‘All In’ Event – Cody Rhodes has announced that his All In event will occur on September 1st, rumored to be in Chicago. Attached to the show so far are Cody and Brandi Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, Hangman Page and the Green Arrow star himself, Stephen Amell. It’s also been confirmed that Rhodes will include a women’s match; possibly featuring Brandi Rhodes.

Quick Hits – Justin LaBar is claiming he broke that Matt Hardy reacquired the Broken Gimmick, but um, we all knew that weeks ago kid. Also Matt Hardy ran into Ed Nordholm and no one killed each other. Progress. Eric Bischoff is scheduled to appear on RAW’s 25th Anniversary Show. Christy Hemme is still in the hospital following her giving birth to quadruplets, but is doing very well and updated her fans in a vlog video on her Youtube Channel.