Ronda Rousey Not Singing With WWE? Two IMPACT Stars to WWE? and More! – WrestleCorp News

Ronda Rousey Not to WWE? – The sports world was abuzz last week with the USA Today report that claimed that Ronda Rousey was going to be joining the WWE “imminently”. The reports of Rousey to WWE have been on going ever since WrestleMania 31, and really picked up this past summer with so many speculating her involvement in Survivor Series.

Triple H today though, has put the fire out to a degree about Rousey joining the WWE. While talking on CBS Sport’s In This Corner, he revealed that he was surprised with the news, saying;

It’s funny because every now and then I wake up and I look at either social media or the news and I see a report and it’s like, well, that’s news to me because I’m the one who would be having that conversation. So it’s interesting with ‘sources say

…I wish I had something more to tell you than that but we are just kind of talking and feeling where it goes and she is making movies and doing other things. But it’s exciting and there are a lot of interest on both sides so let’s see where it goes

Update on EC3 and Lashley – EC3 and Bobby Lashley’s deals end with IMPACT Wrestling this January and Dave Meltzer is reporting some interesting news. The thought right now is that at least one of them will leave the company. The WWE has interest in both men, as well as Eddie Edwards, but Meltzer is under the impression that EC3 and Lashley are on their way out. Should those two leave, they’re expected to be on the main roster; While Edwards would join NXT.

Quick Hits – Al Snow claims that he enjoyed his time in IMPACT Wrestling and wants to see them thrive. Eva Marie tried to defend pro wrestling on Out of Bounds, but most of us were left wondering “why bother?”. Dolph Ziggler claims if he was taller that he’d be a ten time champion.