Major IMPACT Star Debuting For WWE Next Week, NWA Champ’s New Legendary Mouth Piece and More! – WrestleCorp News

Apologizes for the slight lateness in tonight’s news. Snow came overnight and I had to clear it out before I could get to this.

Major IMPACT Name Debuting With WWE – I once had a whole storyline written for Rockstar Spud as to how he would win the then TNA World Championship, but alas, the company never backed me…or hired me…or returned my emails….or calls….But I digress, Rockstar Spud will be debuting with the WWE as soon as next week according to PWInsider. He’s being positioned by the company internally to be one the trinity of 205Live, along with Hideo Itami and Enzo Amore. The thing that I’ve been told is that Spud is the same style of worker as Enzo (character first), and Spud is strong enough as a character some believe to position him ahead of Enzo. If that happens, that’ll be interesting.

Update About NWA Champ – Nick Aldis defeated Tim Storm at the CZW event Cage of Death recently, and apparently now has a new mouth piece in legendary wrestler, Austin Idol. The two released their first promo for the NWA.

IMPACT News – IMPACT Wrestling is offering backstage passes for their return to Orlando for $199.00. The deal includes two front row tickets to all six dates, two months free Global Wrestling Network, a swag bag filled wit merch, meet and greet, in ring photos, inclusion in the IMPACT imin-golf championship and brunch with the Knockouts. A pretty awesome deal. It should be noted that Laurel Van Ness is still featured in advertisement for that set of tapings, meaning the rumors that she’ll work through them is at least is true, despite asking for her release.

Back Break for DJZ – In another bit of bad news for DJZ, the year from hell continues. After needing life saving surgery in Mexico, DJZ returned a few months back to wrestilng. However, after wrestling at Evolve, DJZ ruptured three discs in his neck, and will need surgery. On top of that, he had his wallet stolen. Here’s hoping 2018 is a much kinder year.

Quick Hits – Furthering their storyline, Kenny Omega attacked Chris Jericho at the press conference today in Japan. HOH star Vik Dalishus suffered a severe spinal fracture of his tibular, and a fracture of his fibula, he’ll be immoble for at least six months. In other HOH news, they’ll be crowning their first champion, the HOH Television champion on January 26th, 2018. British pro boxer, Tyson Fury has apparently said he’s open to a WWE career. RAW dropped by 200,000 viewers from the week before. Lowest rating since June.