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Rich Swann Update – As of today, Rich Swann has been released from the Alachua County Jail in Gainesville, Florida. According to PWInsider, it’s being said he was released with a court order to not engage in any direct or indirect hostile contact with his wife. This involves anything from arguing to assaulting her. No court date has been given as of yet.

If he’s found guilty of any charges, Swann will be immediately terminated from the company. His match with Drew Gulak for the Cruiserweight #1 Contendership has been cancelled for obvious reasons and Swann remains on indefinite suspension.

NJPW Angle Kicks Off – The NJPW World Tag League ended tonight, and saw EVIL and Sanada defeating The Guerrillas of Destiny in the finals. Also on the card saw Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks take on YOH, SHO and Rocky Romero in a six man tag match. After the conclusion of that match, Chris Jericho returned to NJPW for the first time in 19 years, and attacked Kenny Omega. The angle is to help draw interest for their WrestleKingdom 12 match on January 4th, 2018.

Paige Speaks Out on Suspension – Paige did an interview with Lilian Garcia that’s pretty open and apparently very honest. In it she details her past drug test failures. As we reported at the time, her first failure was due to her missing the test in the time limit given. Her second failure though was for drugs, as she previously denied. She claims she covered it up because she was embarrassed and wanted to maintain her image as a role model. She then goes on to say that the company fully supports her.

AroLucha Update – The AroLucha tapings from this weekend were a sellout, but due to the costs of the talent, the production quality and all the costs, I’m told the company took a loss on the event. There were about 1,000 fans in attendance. The slogan for the company appears to be “Do Not Stop Fighting”.

Konnan, the head writer, and Russo, who came on board recently, handled produced the segments for the event. The owner of Aroluxe Jason Brown, along with Shane Helms, and Rafael Morfi, were considered the core management members. “One Source” (Reby Sky, I’m told), said it was like working for TNA without “all the bullshit.”

For the results;

Rey Mysterio was attacked by Johnny Impact, and Rush backstage earlier in the day. Mysterio then came out to cut a standard revenge promo. Impact and Rush attacked Rey again, but Pentagon Dark (Penta OM), made the save.

Willie McClinton (aka Willie Mack) defeated Mr.450.

Demus 316 and Mascarita Sagrada went at it in a match but no result was given.

Reby Hardy debuted. So you know the show isn’t worth watching all the way through.

Keyra and Lacey Lane defated Taya Valkyrie and Vanilla Vargas, but Lacey and Keyra both pinned Vargas. The rules were that the person who scored the pinfall, and the person who wasn’t pinned, would go on to the next set of tapings to fight for the women’s title. Oh look, Russo.

Some notes; Jerry Lynn was apparently backstage, as were a few IMPACT talents who were visiting friends. Jeremy Borash was backstage as well. I’m told that due to Konnan’s ties to both companies, and the respect that many at the top of IMPACT have for the Harris Brothers, that there’s a good relationship between the two companies.

It’s expected that Juventud Guerrera would be at the next tapings after the new year. There was no commentary at the event, but Denise Salcedo did the the ring announcements as DeeDee.

James Storm showed up and beat Trey Miguel.

Sammy Guevara defeated MVP by DQ.

Maximo, Hurricane Helms and Jack Edwards (aka Jack Evans) defeated Daga, Garza Jr, and La Mascara in a six man match.

Then in the main event, Rey and Pentagon defeated Johnny Impact and Rush.

Quick Hits – Bull Nakano and Madusa reignited their feud at Shine Wrestling not too long ago but nothing seems to becoming from it, as Madusa just had her knee replaced.

IMPACT has announced they’re returning to Orlando in January on the 10th through the 15th.

The Rock N’ Roll Express have won the Viral Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles. Below is the photo of them with the titles.