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Dark Phoenix Will Focus on the Women – X-Men: Dark Phoenix will apparently focus on the X-women of the film. Apparently there’s a line where Mystique says the women are always saving the men in the film, and that Jessica Chastain only joined the film due to the way the women in the film were being represented. This seems to contradict the earlier report that Cyclops would be the team leader, but if what they’re saying is true, then this film is going to be very confusing.

Opinion: Apparently the movie will feature Sophie Turner as the lead character, and considering I can’t see any real talent in her, I’m worried about this film. If you want to focus on a Chastain, ok, she’s brilliant. But Turner is…all GoT hype and little more. Fans are not too happy about this report but we’ll see how it goes.

New Castlevania Game? – The Konami European Brand Manager Richard Jones, claims that there’s some new Castlevania-ness to look forward to. Due to the success of the animated series on Netflix, there appears to be a demand for more from the “Castlevania” franchise. In an interview with Miketendo64, Jones explains this, saying;

All I can say is that there is lots of internal discussions going on within Konami regarding what games we can bring to the Nintendo Switch, other than Bomberman, a game which we are well aware of its heritage and how loved it and Castlevania is. So much so that Castlevania is getting is getting its own show on Netflix and because of that, we’re hearing a lot of desires from our fans for a new Castlevania series. So we do know there is a demand for a new game, but right now nothing is set in stone as the discussions are still on going.

To be clear, this is something people have talked about dating back to June.

Opinion: I’ve done some digging and found no other source for this outside of’s story.

Walking Dead Store Gone? – Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl on “The Walking Dead” is being written off the show apparently. Riggs’ character has never been liked and apparently the writers feel this is a great way to shake things up. However, Riggs’ real father isn’t too pleased with the timing of the firing, several weeks prior to Chandler’s 18th birthday.

Quick Hits – Chris McKay expects to make announcements about “Nightwing” come February. “Last Jedi” will resolve any confusion between Poe and Finn’s relationship (or lack there of). Ezra Miller says that “Flashpoint” will begin production soon.

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