New Animated Series Featuring A-Level Talent, ‘Blade Runner’ Director on Directing Superhero Movies and More! – ComicCorp News

New Animated Series Features Top Level Talent – “The Gang’s All Here” will be a new animated show that centers on an animal cast of actors who, “….star in their own films and navigate the pitfalls of the entertainment industry.” The three leading voice actors for the project appear to be Rob Paulsen (Yakko from “Animaniacs”, and Pinky from “Pinky and the Brain”), Kevin Conroy (Batman from “Batman: The Animated Series”), and Cal Dodd (Wolverine in “X-Men: The Animated Series).

They’ll be joined by Andrea Romano of the DC animated film universe, who is coming out of retirement for this project. The series will focus on an all ages type of humor, much like the Kids WB cartoons once did. According to CBR, the voice actors have some interesting roles;

Paulsen will provide the voice for a character named Patches, a warthog who’s speech pattern is based on Christopher Walken’s.

Kevin Conroy will provide the voice for two animals on the show: a bookworm bear named Frances (a Frasier Crane-esque character), and a dog named Barkley, who also happens to be a superhero. “It’s certainly unique for me, because it’s getting involved with the creative people earlier as the package is being put together,” Conroy told THR of his involvement with the series.

Romano, who is known for her work casting voices for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Timmverse, will voice her own character on the show. Meryl described as a Barkley’s feline sidekick. “This is so different than what we’ve been doing in terms of creating things with actors,” she told THR. “I think it speaks volumes that I’m willing to look at it when I’d just retired.”

Dodd will voice Sargent Snout, a pig with more than a few similarities to ’80s-era Sylvester Stallone. The one-time Wolverine actor will also provide the voice for a character who is an actual wolverine.

Would Blade Runner Director Ever Do a Superhero Film? – The Happy Sad Confused podcast interviewed Denis Villeneueve, who just directed the “Blade Runner” sequel. When asked if he’d ever work on a superhero film, he was surprisingly candid, saying;

No, because I’m not from that culture. I’m French-Canadian which means that my culture is European. I was influenced by authors from France and Belgium, and Europeans are graphic novelists.

Honestly, I know very little about… Most of them, I don’t know their name,” the director admitted. “I know sometimes I don’t know, so it means I’m not the right person to do them. To do those movies you need to love those characters and I’m a stranger.

I don’t think he realizes that graphic novels are another word for comics, so I’ll excuse his ignorance. It should be noted that though despite his distaste of comic films, he does have an interest in a non-saga Star Wars film.

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