IMPACT’s New Policy Will Make Hardy’s Broken, FloSlam’s Death Opens Up Opportunity and More! – WrestleCorp News

Hardy’s Broken and IMPACT Policy Change – A new policy will apparently allow the Hardy’s to resume their “Broken” personas but because it’s the WWE, they’ll apparently be going by “Woken” (according to Dave Meltzer). IMPACT and Anthem as a whole is changing the policy they had where wrestlers who came to IMPACT would get their gimmicks and only be able to use that gimmick within IMPACT. However, that’s no longer the case, as wrestlers who obtain popular gimmicks in IMPACT can now go anywhere they want and use that gimmick without needing permission. So Rosemary could go to ROH and be Rosemary, or EC3 to NJPW and be EC3. I’m sure there’s a deal in place that’ll allow IMPACT to profit off of the gimmick while they’re in house, but once the contract is up, the talent will retain the rights to their gimmick going forward. This is in part due to the Hardy situation I’m told, but also partly because Anthem no longer feels fighting the Broken gimmick is financially prudent anymore.

FloSlam is Dead but Not Pro Wrestling Streaming – FloSports foray into the world of pro wrestling streaming is dead. It’s been confirmed by PWInsider that FloSlam is dead. They’ve laid off all of their employees from the endeavor and have shuttled those doors once and for all.

That’s not to say that pro wrestling alternatives are dead though. PowerBomb.TV which supports Wrestling With Wregret’s YouTube page through their “This Week in Indy Wrestling” series, has agreed to a multi year deal with Beyond Wrestling out of Massachusetts. Beyond made this decision after YouTube ended the paid channels that weren’t affiliated with YouTube Red.

IMPACT Wrestling’s Global Wrestling Network is getting in on this, signing deals with Future Stars of Wrestling and Defy Wrestling. FSW has had names like Brian Cage, Sami Callihan, Eli Drake, Willi Mack, Johnny IMPACT, as well as Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Austin Aries, Ricochet and others. While Defy has earned a hefty reputation for putting on quality shows, show after show. Their match from DEFY9 which featured Randy Myers and Sami Callihan will be featured on this weeks IMPACT.

Lio Rush Update – I spoke to someone in the know and they’ve confirmed to me around 11 a.m. that Rush was still with the WWE but they weren’t sure if that was going to continue. There’s tension on both sides at this point and a release is possible; though still not entirely likely. WrestleZone and PWInsider have also confirmed Rush’s employment status as well.

Best Wishes to Christy Hemme – Christy Hemme is currently going through some horrendous things at the moment. She’s posted two videos confirming that she’s started early labor with her quadruplets. It seems like her body is ready to give birth at any day, so the current plan is to try and delay that for as long as possible. The fetuses are barely seven months at this point, and would have a low survival rate at this point; with how underdeveloped their lungs are. She’s currently in a hospital on a medical drip that is aimed at stopping the contractions.

All of our best wishes go to Christy, her husband and the rest of the family.

Quick Hits – Dave Meltzer believes the Singh Brothers will go to NXT until something else comes along. No Women’s Royal Rumble match is scheduled at this point, but that could always change according to Dave Meltzer. Brock Lesnar’s Royal Rumble match may be non-title.