AJ Styles Laughable Retirement Rumor, New US Title Coming? and More! – WrestleCorp News

Laughable Styles Rumor Shot Down – A 14 year old fan claimed that he heard AJ Styles was retiring after WrestleMania 34. AJ Styles obviously shot this down. Why anyone would make this into a news story is beyond me. No 14 year old knows anything about anything. Somehow this kid has 212k followers. So, yeah, fuck him.

WWE Studios Expanding? – Deadline is apparently reporting that the folks at the WWE Studios are expanding their reach heading into 2018. Including their WWE films, they’ll now being developing television and digital projects going forward as well. The WWE has several properties in the words, including an Andre The Giant documentary, and a Miz and Maryse reality series. The idea would be to sell some of these properties to other networks, while using some on the Network.

New U.S. Title? – There’s a photo on the Florence Civic Center Facebook page, depicting a new United States title, which looks like the Intercontinental but with an eagle and the US flag in the background. PWInsider is claiming that title belt aficionados have contacted them to explain the title first cropped up last year out of Pakistan. Either that was the first look of the new title, that they somehow got their hands on, or the Civic Center promotional team used a fake title concept in their advertiser inadvertently.

Quick Hits – IMPACT Wrestling star KM has undergone a microscopic knee operation, he isn’t expected to miss much time. CM Punk and Dana White are expected to meet this week and discuss a second fight.