Amazing ‘Batman’ News, Titan’s Casting News and More! – ComicCorp News

(*Editors Note: I’d like to apologize for the lack of content over the last three days. I’ve had a really awful bout of food poisoning that I’m still recovering from, and honestly juts haven’t had the energy or desire to write that much or record shows. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have recuperated enough to record ComicCorp and GameCorp, as well as my Making an IMPACT recap. Thanks for the patience and for you all; here’s two deep deep columns to get into.*)

Amazing Batman News – Danny Elfman recently did an interview with Reporte Indigo in regards to the “Justice League” soundtrack and musical themes. During the interview, he announced that his theme for the 1989 “Batman” film will be returning to the big screen. He also essentially formed the Holy Trinity of composers in Hans Zimmer (Wonder Woman), John Williams (Superman) and himself (Batman). All three themes are expected to be used. He’s quoted as saying;

No, you will not hear a new theme for Batman. You’ll hear Batman’s theme… Hans has done some wonderful, driving, rhythmic stuff, but there has only been one theme and it is the Batman theme.

Now, I did use the theme that Hans composed for Wonder Woman, the one that he wrote originally and used a bit – maybe – from John Williams to Superman, just maybe, we’ll have to see.

New ‘Titans’ Casting Call Announced – Four new characters, ‘Daniel Cross’, ‘Jennifer Andrews’, ‘Caroline’ and ‘The Messenger’ have all been sent out for casting. The real identities for the characters are being kept under wraps but some believe that Cross is a recast of Roy Harper and that Jennifer is Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl. I doubt Cross is Roy Harper; I’m more on the Tim Drake/Jason Todd train myself.

‘Supergirl’ Reveals Reign – The folks over at Supergirl have revealed a dramatically different but much more manageable version of Reign. The comics version had her as a white skinned, red haired, alien bad ass. Yet the t.v. show will feature her as a super suited individual, opposite Supergirl.

Quick Hits – Matt Reeves confirms that no bat-nipples will take place in the upcoming “The Batman” film. Adam Sztykiel is said to be finalizing a deal that’ll see him write “Black Adam”. “Black Lighting” has cast Chantal Thuy as Grace Choi. Disney is demanding sixty five percent of ticket sales from all “Last Jedi” tickets sold. Considering the state of the film industry, this could be the beginning of a bad trend.