Survivor Series Main Event, HOF’er Talks Hennig Drugging Him and More! – WrestleCorp News

Survivor Series Main Event – According to Dave Meltzer, the planned main event for Survivor Series will pit Jinder Mahal versus Brock Lesnar in the main event, in a non-title, champion vs. champion match. The event is scheduled for November 19th.

Opinion: This main event would work if it was, and I mean this, literally anyone else on the card, as champion.

Austin Aries Rips WWE Pay – Austin Aries is currently done with the WWE and has no intentions of ever going back apparently. He tweeted out today that he’ll get paid more in the next six weeks as an independent talent, than he did in all four months of his Cruiserweight Division. The WWE will not be happy about this.

Opinion: I’ve been saying this for years, that the WWE doesn’t pay their talent what they once got.

Don Frye Got Drugged by Curt Henning – Don Frye was on with Submission Radio and talked about his time traveling with Curt Henning. Hennig apparently enjoyed dosing people’s drinks and did so to Don Frye. Frye commented on Hennig’s “pranks” saying;

Oh man, we got on the airplane in LA, Curt and Brad and I, and Curt bombed my drink. And I was out. And all the way, for a whole second day in Japan I don’t remember. I don’t remember the flight, I don’t remember landing. I was out. I missed the whole day. So I remember he bombed me a heavier drink and came back around and kept doing it a couple of times. Yeah, he just dropped a pill in it.

I got him back when we were in Brad’s gym. I filled his wrestling boots full of cream cheese. And Brian and I ran the ropes, working out. Curt pulled his foot out and shook his head and gave me a dirty look. He tried to get even, he thought he put it back in my boots but he put it in Brian’s boots. So I got him and I got Brian. But then I tell you what, Curt got me back a couple of time and he just, so embarrassing the stuff (we did). He was great. He was one of those people that you’re just privileged to meet, to be able to call a guy an acquaintance or a friend, it’s unbelievable to spend time with the guy.

Quick Hits – MVP recently said that he was still a very big fan of NJPW, and said that he hopes IMPACT does well, as the industry needs all the options they can get. Johnny Moss recently did an interview where he said he was proud to see his student Finn Balor achieve so much.