Major Name in Avengers 4? Another Marvel Movie in the Works? And More! – ComicCorp News

Major Name in Avengers 4? – According to the Atlanta Filming Twitter account, Brie Larson is on set for the upcoming production of “Avengers 4”. Her whereabouts were disclosed through a photographer from the area, with an alleged track record of reliability. Brie’s first go with “Captain Marvel” is expected to happen in between the 3rd Avengers film and the 4th, so her involvement in the fourth was expected.

Direction for “Power Pack” – The hashtag show is reporting that Marvel has plans for “Power Pack” to be a more family focused film. Jonathan Schwartz is on board, and it’s aimed to be a “Spy Kids-like story. I’m not familiar with the characters, so well see where this goes.

Quick Hits – Brenton Thwaites promises to show us Haly’s Circus, home of the Flying Graysons, which is where the murder of Dick’s family occurred. Jean Grey set to return to the Marvel comic cannon in “Phoenix Resurrection”.

Jack Ryan’s Amazon trailer debuts;