‘Titan’s’ Villain Revealed, Star Wars Cameo and More! – ComicCorp News

No long winded intro, lets hop in.

Titans Main Villain? – The Hashtag Show has been nailing Titan news, and today they’re reporting that the Titan’s first showdown will be against Acolyte. It follows in the theory of why we thought they cast such a young Raven, that she’d be the ultimate end game for the first season and that appears to be the case. Apparently Acolyte will be attempting to use Raven for his own nefarious deeds. Here’s the casting call, which includes Raven’s mother;

The Acolyte – Male. African-American 40-50. Confident. The villain of our story. He is after Rachel and her powers, trying to kidnap her after he murders her mother.

Angela – Female 40-50. Rachel’s (adoptive) mom. She gets killed in an attempt to kidnap Rachel.

Star Wars Next Cameo? – We’ve already seen Bill Hader, Simon Pegg, Daniel Craig and others pop in for the new “Star Wars” films, but we’re not done yet. Apparently Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be lending his voice to one of the aliens in the upcoming “Last Jedi” film.

Quick Hits – Patty Jenkins formally accepts the directors chair for Wonder woman 2, finally. Kevin Conroy shoots down new ‘Arkham’ game theory.

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