Sexy Star Fallout, WWE Wasting Major Matches and More! – WrestleCorp News

I delayed the news a bit to see if there’s any more news, but there’s really not, so here ya go.

Sexy Star Fallout – Since the events of Saturday night, where Star put Rosemary in an armbar and purposely torqued it to hurt the GFW star, it appears as though the wrestling business has responded. EVE Pro Wrestling has already asked companies to stop booking Star, and WrestleCade has fallen suit pulling her from their final show in November. Here’s WrestleCade’s response;

The WrestleCade Team has read the online reports, watched the video, and saw both deleted & still posted tweets regarding the incident between Sexy Star & Rosemary at this weekends AAA’s TripleMania Event. We now have heard from Rosemary who said it was obvious to her that Sexy Star tried to intentionally injure her after their match ended.

There is no place for this in professional wrestling. Therefore we have made the decision NOT to bring Sexy Star to WrestleCade Weekend. We’re sorry for the fans who were looking forward to meeting her but we encourage you to read the reports and we hope you’ll agree with our decision.

Anyone who ordered meet and greet tickets in advance will be receiving refunds ASAP.

Cody Rhodes has also stated that he won’t allow Star to work any show he’s on due to the incident.

Opinion: While I’m glad that Star is being met with deserved backlash, I have to ask, is ruining someone’s career the right way to go? In the United States, we have are trying to become more and more persistent in the rehabilitation department. Other’s have done far worse in the ring and continued to work, so why is the entire wrestling world coming down so hard on Star? Is forgiveness, and learning not a part of the fallout? Shouldn’t people be trying to show Star the errors of her ways? This feels almost to extreme for a dislocation. It may be easier to blackball someone people don’t like, but shouldn’t Star have the right to prove her rehabilitation? I don’t know, just thinking out loud is all. I love Rosemary and am glad she’s going to be ok.

Major Cena Matches? – PWInsider is reporting that John Cena and Samoa Joe will in fact face for the first time on RAW tonight. Apparently they faced off on RAW house shows over the weekend, with Cena going over Joe in those matches. Also, Roman Reigns will be facing off with John Cena at No Mercy as well.

Opinion: Both matches are considered to be major, and many are left scratching their heads as to why they would rush Reigns/Cena on a D ppv event, and why Cena and Joe would face off on RAW. Both are big four main event worthy.

Quick Hits – After seemingly dropping the angle, Tuesday will reveal the mystery attackers of the Fashion Police. Shinsuke Nakamura revealed he didn’t sign with the UFC due to him being signed to NJPW.