Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle Update, RAW Ratings Down? and More! – WrestleCorp News

So yeah, last night’s Angle/Jordan storyline is, um….interesting. And because of that, tonight’s Brand Banter show will feature some great discussion.

Jordan/Angle Update – The Observer is reporting that Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan storyline will see Jordan only receive a mid-level push. There is some who think Jordan will change his last name to Angle. Kurt will serve as a mentor and father figure for the young wrestler, more than likely resulting in Angle’s long awaited return to a WWE ring when Jordan turns on his father and goads him back into the ring.

RAW Ratings – After struggling for the spring and start of the summer, the WWE has ticked up in the ratings a bit. The show got a rating of 3.153, which is up 5% from the week prior. The third hour though continues to be the lowest watched.

Why is Wyatt Owning Rollins? – The WWE is sacrificing Seth Rollins to Bray Wyatt to help keep Wyatt strong for his eventual (title?) feud with Roman Reigns in the winter. The rationale for the title switch is still about getting more title defenses on t.v. and ppv, though why they think they can make more money with Reigns as champ and not part of a Shield revival is beyond me.

Quick Hits – WWE is allegedly pursing Iranian Gold Medalist Hassan Yazdani. In a Q.A. Beth Phoenix revealed that Natalya is the most overlooked WWE star and Christian revealed that Sting was his favorite single’s competitor. Emma is frustrated with how the WWE is using her. Mark Henry continues to assert that his in ring career is almost over. CM Punk refuses to change his desire to not return to pro wrestling.

This is Austin Aries. It’s weird. He looks like man-equivalent of a hairless cat.

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