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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming News Dump – So here we go. First and foremost, in regards to Tony Revolori, the new Flash Thompson, his character will apparently be a ‘cyber-bully’. The actor reportedly received harassment after being named the actor to portray the iconic high school bully.

In regards to the Homecoming sequel, the film will apparently pick up mere minutes from where “Avengers 4” ends. On the note of sequels, Kevin Feige did announce that different villians, such as Shocker, Scorpion and the Tinkerer were possibilities to be the villains moving forward, distancing “Homecoming” from Green Goblin, who’s been used three different times in five movies.

Also, both Sony and Marvel haven’t closed the door on Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock/Venom from crossing over with the MCU. The Spider-Verse cornerstone is getting set for filming, and all anyone can talk about is Hardy and Holland sharing screen time as their respective characters.

Sense8 Back? – Were you a fan of Sense8? Were you upset that the show was cancelled due to low ratings and high costs? Well, hold on to ya butts, it’s not dead yet. Lana Wachowski, of The Matrixk, announced that the series was being picked up for a two hour film. It’s being billed as the series finale.

Rosario Dawson Out? – For whatever reason, Rosario Dawson opted to not go ahead with the “New Mutants” film after all, declining to play Dr. Cecillia Reyes after all. This has now caused the crew to tap Alice Braga to play the character.

Quick Hits – Patty Jenkins confirms her return for ‘Wonder Woman 2’. Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future) is on board to be an executive producer alongside Gary Ganetti, Jack Rapke and Jackie Levine for a “Jetsons” live action series. Both ‘Black Lighting’ and ‘Krypton’ will showcase their trailers for San Diego’s ComicCon event.

Jumanji and Marvel’s Inhumans both released their first trailers today. Opinions for both can be found in the June 29th version of ComicCorp.



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