Amazing ‘BvS’ Fan Theory Confirmed, Tom Cruise Killed ‘The Mummy’? And More! – ComicCorp News

Not a lot of news, so this may be up a little later tonight but it’s not all bad. We have several major pieces of news nuggets to get to.

Zack Snyder Confirms Fan Theory – We at NerdCorp have taken a stance that “Dawn of Justice” is a super film, with a lot of subtext that got overlooked due to fans being accustomed to the fast food style of movies that Marvel makes. One major theory surrounded the Superman-in-Mexico scene; where the citizens longed after Superman like a god. Below he looks at and confirms the fan theory.

Did Tom Cruise Kill ‘The Mummy’ – Variety is claiming that “The Mummy” may of been hindered by Tom Cruise’s creative control and involvement in the behind the scenes of the film. While very few details were revealed as to what he could or didn’t change, the allegation surrounds his bringing in two of the writers and signing off on the director. The film suffered a huge loss here stateside, but did very well overseas.

Universal has already denied that the film failed due to Cruise.

‘Justice League’ Adds Legendary Composer – “Justice League” has decided to replace Antonius Holkenborg as the composer for the movies score. Though, fear not, they’re bringing in Danny Elfman to replace him. Elfman, former lead singer for Oingo Boingo and the man that scored a lot of Tim Burton’s biggest hits, has a history with comic book films, having orchestrated the amazing themes for the early 90 “Batman” film franchise, as well as “Batman: The Animated Series”.

Quick Hits – Behind the scenes photos hint at Hall of Justice. Fox buy part of Boom! Comics. More on this during ComicCorp.

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