‘Riverdale’ Actor Upped to Regular, ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Happening? and More! – ComicCorp News

I’m off after I post this, so see ya! Enjoy your weekend, cus it’s (unofficially) officially summer!

Riverdale Actor Promoted – Good news fans of “Jericho”, Skeet Ulrich has been promoted to series regular! Ulrich gained fame at the of the 90’s and start of the 00’s by starring in “Scream” and then “Jericho”. The actor has garnered rave revues for his portrayal of Jughead’s father, FP Jones.

Wonder Woman Sequel Planned? – “Wonder Woman” is a bonafide hit. How do I know this? DC and Warner Bros. have green lit the Amazon Princess, and third member of DC’s Holy Trinity, to a sequel – with Patty Jenkins on board to direct. I hope it’s set in modern times, personally, as I’m not a huge proponent of period pieces. Oh and ‘Wonder Woman’ pulled in $11 million in Thursday preview.

New Mutants Find Danielle Moonstar – Newcomer to the acting scene, Blue Hunt will be in the X-Men spin-off, “New Mutants”, as Danielle Moonstar. She joins Maisie Williams’ (Game of Thrones) Wolfsbane, Anya Taylor-Joy’s (Atlantis) Magik, Charlie Heaton’s (Stranger Things)
Cannonball and Henry Zaga’ (13 Reasons Why) Sunspot as part of the cast

Josh Gad Teases Penguin Again – Josh Gad continues to tease appearing as The Penguin in the upcoming “The Batman” film, starring opposite Ben Affleck. I’m not sure why people want to see Gad play Penguin, mostly because…it’s the Penguin. Meh. He’s not imposing or even scary, so why Gad wants to play him so badly is beyond me.

Quick Hits – Shane Black’s Predator wraps filming. Tom Cruise revealed the “Top Gun” sequel will be called “Top Gun: Maverick”. Mark-Paul Gosselaar will join Saniyya Sidney, Genesis Rodriguez, Brianne Howey, BJ Britt and Jennifer Ferrin.

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