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Deathstroke Spin Off Coming? – “Arrow” star, Manu Bennett is rallying fans on Twitter to sign a petition for a Deathstroke series. Um, yes please. Though, on one condition. If we bring in Deathstroke, I demand that Deadshot is his antagonist.

The Flash Villain for Season Four Revealed – Clifford DeVoe, aka The Thinker is going to be the upcoming season antagonist for next season. It seems the staff is getting away from the speedster villain motif finally after three straight seasons of it. Then again, we didn’t think Savitar would be the main villain, as Alchemy was once believed to be the main villain next seasons. So who knows what this season is going to shape up as. Can’t be worse than season three.

Netflix Series Canelled – Netflix series, Sense8 has been cancelled by Netflix. The series, by Matrix creators Lana and Lilly Wachowski, as well as J. Michael Straczynski. Fans of the series are upset, though it never gained a major fanbase during it’s original run.

Dark Universe Eyeing Two? – Dark Universe is gearing to chase down The Rock and Angelina Love to play Werewolf and the Bride of Frankenstein. I’m psyched for the Rock to be playing the iconic Wolfman but I’ve never been a Jolie fan, so mixed emotions here.

Quick Hits – Henry Zaga to play Sunspot in upcoming “New Mutants” movie. Nicole Kidman signed on to play Queen Atlanna because she was a “…female warrior from the sea”. Punisher to debut in November on Netflix. “My Neighbor Totoro” to be part of a Japanese theme-park by Ghibli Park. Sin City t.v. reboot in the works.

Preacher drops a second season two trailer.

JoBlo revealed Wonder Woman 8-Bit trailer.

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