WCPW Suffers Major Blow, WWE Star’s Promotion Done?, Goldberg Returning? and More! – WrestleCorp News

Been a busy day for me, so I’m not going to deal with the fluff, here’s the news you need, Space Monkey Mafia.

WCPW Major News – WhatCulture Pro Wrestling has been hit with a major blow this week, as they’ve cancelled their free weekly show, “Loaded” due to the issues with YouTube’s policy on violence on their platform. Due to some issues with advertisers, they’ve demonetized, or restricted the amount of money pro wrestling and other combat sports are able to receive, for now. This won’t affect their pay per views or World Cup shows, but I have to call into question the feasibility of the promotion if they can’t afford to run shows. I’m aware they were “free” shows but I doubt they’re making that much money without the YouTube ads.

Promotion Done? – WWE’s Doc Gallows was forced to shut the doors on WrestleAmerica due to “legal reasons”. Gallows and Joey Mercury also run the Bullet Proof Dojo, which will remain open and will be running shows under the Bullet Proof Wrestling banner. No official word has been revealed as to why WrestleAmerica has been shut down.

Would Goldberg Return to the WWE? – Goldberg spoke about if he’d return to the WWE or not, after his successful run this past winter, and he seemed open to it, saying;

Personally and professionally, it’s something that I would have to take into consideration if it was ever presented to me again. As far as the physical aspect is concerned, as I sit and look at myself in the gym I ask myself what I am going to do with this? I don’t think it’s an impossibility, but it could be an improbability to ever get back in the ring, but never say never. Like I said the last time; you never know who is next and you never know what is next.

Quick Hits – Dixie Carter wraps up reality show filming. Ric Flair will have a “30 for 30” documentary made about himself and will debut on September 8th on ESPN/ESPN 2. To hear what we thought about Ed Nordholm, the Anthem rep for Impact Wrestling who finally responded to the Hardy’s, click here.

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