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Major News for Guardians – The folks at “Guardians of the Galaxy” are going to have a great weekend. They are currently over the $17 million mark for Thursday alone. It’s looking like they may be serious contenders to dethrone The Rock’s “Fate of the Furious” as the top earner of the year.

New Role Cast for Aquaman – Marcus and myself are liking this news bit. Former “Sons of Anarchy” actor, Michael Beach, has apparently been cast in the upcoming “Aquaman” film. There’s no real word as to who he’s playing, but the earlier thought is he’s going to be playing Black Manta’s father. He was seen with some of the cast and the director, James Wan at at special meet-up in Australia to obtain the blessing to work in certain areas in the country.

Marvel TV/Movies Finally Crossing Over? – Kevin Feige has ran a pretty successful ship over at Marvel, but the biggest glaring issue is the lack of crossover between the TV and Movie sides. The “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” have crossed over with the Captain America movies on occasion, same with “Agent Peggy Carter”, but that doesn’t mean much, when you realize that Marvel has four (soon to be five) series on Netflix, one on FreeForm, two on ABC, and another coming to Hulu. Not only are they not crossing over with the movies, they’re not crossing over with each other; save for the Netflix series as they’re doing a mini-series starring all four characters (but no Punisher). Fiege though hasn’t ruled out an eventual crossover, saying;

The future’s a long time. So, the truth is, I don’t really know, but there are a lot of TV shows being made, and hopefully we’ll continue to make a lot of movies. At some point, there’s going to be a crossover. Crossover, repetition, or something.

Quick Hits: Guy Ritchie wishes he had the time to do “Suicide Squad 2”. Inhumans get teaser video.

“Injustice 2” reveals first DCL fight back trailer.

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