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What a wacky day for news. The teaser for Dark Tower dropped today, we’ll cover it tomorrow when the full trailer drops. As for our Payback review, it’s up on the website and YouTube. Just simply click on the next link below for the show. Lets hop into the weird and whimsical today, Space Monkey Mafia.

Corgan Got Hosed – Billy Corgan got dicked. Apparently despite buying the trademarks for the National Wrestling Alliance, Corgan won’t get the video library or NWA streaming service. As modern television companies aren’t interested in 30 year old brands with no relevancy to them, the streaming service made the most sense. Not getting that platform has to severely hinder what the brand can do. Corgan has a limited budget and can only invest so much money into the company before it becomes a waste, so Corgan has to find t.v. partners asap. Another big issue stems from the complicated nature of the deal. According to PWinsider, Bruce Tharpe, former head of the promotion, apparently still holds the rights to the branding. Here’s what Mike Johnson had to say;

For those who have asked what happens to the NWA members, well, there are no members anymore. Under Bruce Tharpe, the organization was instead selling licenses for promoters to use the NWA initials. We are told that those licenses will eventually expire but obviously, all options are still on the table as Corgan decides his direction and strategy. Tharpe controls 100% of the NWA brand name, so he would have the complete right to sell the brand and its trademarks without anyone else trying to veto the move.

What does that mean? Those are contradictory statements. Does Corgan or Tharpe have control of the branding? Can Tharpe continue to sell the brand to other territories during Corgan’s ownership? I think what we have here is some shitty writing. I think what they’re saying, or trying to, is that until the sale is final Tharpe can do as he pleases with the licenses. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense to even do the deal. As more, clear, information comes out we’ll keep you up to date.

Who’s on Board? – While names like Rob Conway, Lance Hoyt, Davey Boy Jr. and others aren’t being discussed at the moment, former Impact Wrestling writer Dave Lagana is on board. This should not make anyone too happy, mostly because under his tenure, Impact bottomed out with the ratings. There are roomers of Matt Conway being brought aboard as well, but those are unconfirmed rumors. Unfortunately for Corgan, The Hardy’s, The Bennett’s and Drew Galloway have all signed on with The WWE. Those five names in particular were huge fans of Corgan when he was with TNA, and left the company when he failed to gain control of the promotion. Expect more than a year before you see any real word of talent or shows being scheduled as this is going to be a long time coming.

World of Sport Delayed – Due to contracts involving television rights (I’m told), World of Sports tapings are being delayed, supposedly to July. All fans who purchased tickets will receive refunds.

Sean Waltman Update – Despite claims to the contrary, it appears as though Sean Waltman did in fact relapse. He was apparently arrested trying to fly to the United Kingdom with pot and meth on his person. This according to TMZ. He also apparently had an outstanding warrant for a DUI incident. He was posted on $35,000 bond.

To update this story, apparently Sean Waltman had more than enough of both substances on his person for them to believe he was intending on selling when he landed in the UK. Since then, Waltman has claimed that those were “yeast-cleanse capsules”. Waltman maintains he’s innocent.

Quick Hits – The actual house from Payback’s House of Horrors is for sale. Dave Meltzer claims that Bayley and Neville’s title match results were changed several times, with Bayley and Neville both retaining clean.

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