Flash Lands Legendary Director, Masters of the Universe Update, Who’ll Direct World War Z Sequel and More! – ComicCorp News

He-Man Film Update – Sony has finally done something with the Masters of the Universe film. McG is out as director, and Man of Steel/Batman Begins scribe, David S. Goyer will be writing the new script. This comes following the news that the film is slated for a December 18th, 2019 premiere.

World War Z Directing News – After four years, we finally have some news regarding the Brad Pitt lead World War Z sequel. According to Variety, Social Network director David Fincher has apparently been tapped for the job. The film was scheduled to come out this year, but that is obviously not going to happen.

The Flash Finds New Director? – Rick Famuyiwa was the second director to drop out of the film about The Scarlet Speedster. That may be where the disappointments end as Back to the Future legend, Robert Zemeckis is apparently about to helm the superhero film, this according to ScreenJunkies.

Producer Defends Casting Decision – There’s some upeval around Death Note’s casting. Because it’s content sourced from Japan, many believe it should be filled with only “Asian” actors. That term is offensive, as Japanese people are their own culture, and casting a Chinese person to play a Japanese character because they’re “close enough” is fucked up. More over, claiming a film is being white-washed is not a valid criticism when it’s an adaptation. It’s White Washing to cast Tom Hanks as Martin Luther King. It’s not white-washing to cast a white dude to play a westernized character of a Japanese product. No one in Japan cares that Japanese people are playing Germans in “Attack on Titan”. Stop getting so butt-hurt. The Korean-American producer agrees, saying;

I can understand the criticism… if our version of ‘Death Note’ was set in Japan and [featured] characters that were Japanese-named or of Japanese ancestry. It is an interpretation of that story in a different culture, so there are going to be some obvious changes. Some people will like them, some people may not….One of [the cast] is Asian, one’s African-American, and three are Caucasian. Saying ‘whitewashing’ is also somewhat offensive,..one of our three leads is African-American.

Throwing it down, hard.

Quick Hits – Aquaman co-star Yahya Abul-Mateen II is reading up on some Aquaman comics to get ready for his role as Black Manta.