Former World Champ Debuting Tonight for Impact Wrestling? Big Plans for Jeff Hardy, Who’s Replacing John Cena and More! – WrestleCorp News

We’re back Space Monkey Mafia, lets get into it.

World Champ Debuting? – Impact Wrestling is not lying on it’s laurels just yet, as there is word coming out of AML Wrestling, that former NWA World Heavyweight Champion is debuting in Impact Wrestling and might be debuting tonight, or sometime this weekend during the rest of the tapings. Here is their official announcement via Twitter;

We regret to announce that “Godzilla” Jax Dane will NOT be appearing at our Viva La Lucha event on Sunday, April 23, 2017. He was presented an opportunity w/ Impact Wrestling & it would have been selfish for us not to let him out of his agreement with us.

While we’re excited for Jax, we’re sorry to disappoint the fans who were looking forward to seeing him. We will be speaking w/ AML Wrestling Champion Zane Dawson today to determine who he will be defending his title against. Expect an announcement before Friday afternoon. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.”

– AML Wrestling Management

Reaction: While on the surface a noble gesture, it reeks of pettiness. The fact that they announced where he was going, thus ruining the potential surprise, really felt like a “fine, but fuck you too” type of response. Considering I know how tight Jeff Jarrett likes to role with things like this, I can’t imagine he’s too happy with their leak of information. .

Jeff Hardy Plans – Rumor has it that Jeff Hardy won’t be part of the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick if WWE is able to secure a deal with Impact Wrestling. The reason for this is simple; the WWE thinks Broken Matt can outdraw Matt Hardy but that Brother Nero can’t touch Jeff Hardy. The logic is sound, as many believe Jeff Hardy was the biggest merch mover in 2009 before his departure. The idea would presumably see Matt Hardy moved to SmackDown while Jeff stays on RAW to face the likes of Finn Balor and Brock Lesnar.

Cena’s Replacement – With John Cena’s departure, the WWE has now been using Shinsuke Nakamura in the role meant for the 16x champion. Apparently Cena was used to keep the crowd around for 205Live after SmackDown ends. The role is now being given to Nakamura, as he can apparently hold the crowd for the most part.

Title Belt Redesign Coming – Word has it from “dvizzle” on reddit that new side plates are coming to the RAW and SmackDown tag team titles in the coming weeks. The idea would be to make them like the Heavyweight and Women’s titles with the side plate designs.

Orton vs. Wyatt Update – The House of Horror match for the upcoming WWE pay per view will apparently not be for the WWE Championship. The match was not referred to on SmackDown last night as being for the title. Todd Phillips never addressed the match being for the title, and constantly stated that Jinder Mahal would be facing Randy Orton at Backlash. This might be part of the reason why Bray Wyatt had an issue with the move.

Quick Hitters – Shinsuke Nakamura originally offered Bobby Roode’s theme. Young Bucks not happy that Impact Wrestling sent cease and desists to the Hardy’s during ROH Honor. Seems to forget that the Hardy’s left the company and weren’t going to stick around anyway. Rosita and Candice LaRae appear on NXT. Dave Meltzer claims that Dean Ambrose is perceived as lazy behind the scenes.

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