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After last night’s surge of news, I’m really not surprised there’s nothing big today. Though, I watched Mystery Team with Donald Glover. …Wasn’t great.

Cloak and Dagger Trailer – Freeform is Disney’s “sexy” Disney Channel. They rely heavily on sex and relationships to sell shit to kids…err teenagers. In the trailer, below, you can see that they overplay the same tropes that shows you’d find on Freeform use. The super spunky and tough girl, the lost boy who needs the girl to change him, and lots and lots of sex. Good for you Freeform, you made me not want to watch another Marvel show. Plus no costumes, very little powers displayed. Yeeeesh. Count me out of this one.

Squirrel Girl Team Announced – So, yes, the t.v. show is actually about the New Warriors, but Squirrel Girl is the star of the show, at least in the eyes of the fans. Joining Doreen Green’s Squirrel Girl is Craig Hollis (Mister Immortal), Dwayne Taylor (Night Thrasher), Zack Smith (Microbe), Robbie Baldwin (Speedball), and Deborah Fields (Debrii). Below is a more detailed list of the characters and what they’ll bring to the table;

Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl)

Superpower: “The powers of a squirrel, the powers of a girl” (is acrobatic, strong, can fight, can talk to squirrels)
Doreen is a totally empowered fangirl. She is a natural leader—confident and tough, but not innocent. Doreen is bouncy and energetic and her greatest quality is her optimism… She has faith in others and inspires people to believe in themselves. She also takes her pet squirrel, Tippy Toe, everywhere.

Craig Hollis (Mister Immortal)

Superpower: Cannot die. Ever. Maybe. So he says.
The team troublemaker and lothario… Craig is kind of like “The Most Interesting Man Alive,” except he’s more cocky than confident and at times, charmingly grumpy. Although Craig’s superpower seems amazing, he hasn’t made use of it at all—he’s lazy and figures if he has all the time in the world to learn how to fight, what’s the rush?

Dwayne Taylor (Night Thrasher)

Superpower: None
Dwayne is a local celebrity “hero” with his very own YouTube channel. Brilliant, strong, noble, and maybe a bit full of himself, Dwayne is a shameless self-promoter and entrepreneur. But he also deeply believes in justice — at least his version of it. Dwayne hides the fact that he comes from a really rich family because he’s afraid he’ll lose his street cred.

Robbie Baldwin (Speedball)

Superpower: Can launch kinetic balls of energy
Robbie grew up watching Quinjets take off from Avengers Tower and loves the idea of being a hero. He’s an impulsive and immature people-pleaser with a misplaced sense of confidence. Although you would think throwing kinetic balls of energy would be awesome and effective – his are completely out of control.

Zack Smith (Microbe)

Superpower: Can talk to germs
Zack is a shy hypochondriac whose ability nearly makes him a telepath — the germs tell him where you’ve been, what you ate and who you hung out with. It’s impossible to keep secrets around him. He’s a big sweet guy the team takes under their wing, and they help him find and grow his own confidence.

Deborah Fields (Debrii)

Superpower: Low level telekinetic; trickster
Deborah is proud, funny and quick witted. Confidently out as a lesbian, Deborah has experienced deep loss in her personal life as a direct result of super “heroics.” She can take care of herself, or at least says she can. She’s the one who calls people on their BS and has no fear of putting her opinions out there.

Aladdin Remake’s Pick for Genie? – I hate Disney, but they know how to attract fans. That’s why they’re not recasting James Earl Jones as Mufasa or Darth Vader in the live action Lion King or Star Wars films. However, when the beloved voice of a major character is gone ,what do you do? That’s what Disney is forced to deal with now that Robin Williams is gone and they’re doing a live action Aladdin film next. To replace Williams, Disney is negotiating with Will Smith to fill the shoes of the late-great comedian. The issue, while Smith is on a rebound in his career, Robin Williams could do a multitude of impersonations, while I don’t think Smith can; at least not on Williams level. Is this a reason to not cast Smith? No, they’ll just have to tinker with the character some to match Smith’s more natural charm and charisma.

War for the Planet of the Apes Prequel – BOOM! Studios is really making splashes in the world of comic books lately. Thriving on the Power Rangers series, and now diving into other avenues, the publisher recently announced a new “War for the Planet of the Apes” miniseries. The series will arrive in stores on July 12th.

War for the Planet of the Apes #1 (of 4)

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Jonas Scharf
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Mikhail Borulko
Subscription Cover: Jay Shaw
Format: 32 pages full color
Price: $3.99
On sale: 7/12/17
Synopsis: In this prequel to the upcoming blockbuster film from 20th Century Fox, San Francisco lies in ruin as the war for survival between man and ape rests on the shoulders of one solitary soul.

Quick Hitters: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have been announced as the directors for “Captain Marvel”.