The British Wrestling Scene Reaches All Time Low (*Updated*)

RevPro, formally known as Revolution Pro Wrestling, is the last big indy fed in the UK that hasn’t been absorbed or gotten in bed with the WWE.  The promotion has a tight relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling and has used the partnership to further grow as a brand.

In a year where so much damage has been done to the scene by the WWE and their incursion into the territory, who would of thought the biggest black eye would come from them?

In a tag team match that would determine competitors for the NJPW Royal Quest event, The Aussie Open took on Josh Bodom and Sha Samuels.  The match would send the winners (The Aussie Open) to the NJPW event to face off with The Guerrilla’s of Destiny.

The referee in the match, Aaren Wilde counted a pinfall early on Bodom, resulting in the match ending five minutes early.  Because of the botched ending, via Bodom, Wilde was scooped slam by Sha Samuels and then pulled from the ring and assaulted by Bodom;

Samuels went running to Twitter this morning, showing a very bad video of the referee eating mat shoulder first, clearly not sure how to take the bump.  Bodom for his part deleted his Twitter account to avoid the public backlash that’s developing.

The ref took to Twitter yesterday, which is where the uproar started, and revealed that the injuries he sustained were so severe from the unmotivated assault that he’s now forced to stop reffing not just pro wrestling, but his actual job as a soccer ref as well


Sha Samuels went to Twitter as well, and posted the following



And of course the “brave hero”, Bodom is now nowhere to be scene.

RevPro has not commented publicly on the situation via their official account as of this write up. Samuels, who’s apart of David Starr’s “Independent” brand, has not been removed publicly either from it.  Starr retweeted a comment about not attacking the crew but did not put out a public comment; yet.


The official brand sponsor @WeTheIndie only condemned the violence of Bodom but not Samuels, saying;


Starr, We the Independent and RevPro are in a crucial moment in their legacies and careers here.  A man had to retire from his real-world-work because two men didn’t know how to handle a situation like men.

What will Starr, the socialist of the squared circle, do to make things right?  Will he donate the entire years worth of earnings for the brand he runs to pay for this referee’s bills?

Now that would truly be an independent idea.



As I was finishing up the post and mere seconds away from posting it, RevPro sent out this update.

I wouldn’t be surprised if We the Independent were waiting to see what RevPro’s stance on Samuels would be before going forward with any judgement on him.  With RevPro choosing to not punish Samuels, they’re sending the message that they’ll protect you if they think they can.

Samuels may of not been the biggest aggressor in the situation, but he did out and out add to the injuries of referee Aaren Wilde and was just as responsible for what happened.  Hell, one could argue if Samuels hadn’t done something first, maybe things wouldn’t of escalated.  It’s clear though that if you’re a big enough name that the scene will protect you.


Update II– 9:28 a.m.

There is more news now about RevPro, specifically that there was an attempted cover up (allegedly) by one of the heads of the promotion, Andy Quildan.  He denies ever seeing the assault of Aaren Wilde by Josh Bodom, despite camera’s clearly showing the scene being filmed, as well as a screen cap by Bodom showing Quildan siding Bodom and sounding like he intends to bury the situation to protect him.


As of right now, accusations of their over up has not been met with any reaction.

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