Cain Velasquez is a Top Free Agent, and NJPW Wants Him

Cain Velasquez just made his debut for the Mexican promotion AAA this past August and will have two more matches with the promotion this year.  The former UFC Heavyweight Champion seems to be taking more and more interest from perspective employers however.

According to ESPN’s Marc Raimondi, “several” wrestling promotions are interested in the 37 year old MMA legend.  Usually when this is the case, it’s the camp of the talent (in this case Velasquez) who’s telling the reporter there are several interested promotions.  Raimondi doesn’t know which several they are.

However, one that is known is NJPW, as he was in San Francisco for the 2nd night of the Super-J Cup.  NJPW is desperate to expand into North American and with NOAH and AJPW trying to gain footholds internationally as well, NJPW would be wise to lock down any talent that has fans in two different countries.

ROH, IMPACT, AEW and NWA are all rumored to be interested; as is Major League Wrestling.   MLW gets special consideration because they posted on their very website that another MMA legend could be making their debut within the MLW ring.  MLW, much like NJPW, has ties to AAA, so it’s not that surprising to think that Velasquez could be heading to MLW as well.  The ideal situation would have MLW/NJPW and AAA all splitting time with him.

Obviously I’m pulling for IMPACT to land him, but I’d be ok with whomever picks him up, as long as it’s not the WWE.  I don’t watch the WWE anymore and I think there are better options for him to land with.